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How can I check if a view is visible or not in Android?

This question already has an answer here: Android: how to check if a View inside of ScrollView is visible? 10 answers

Draw text in OpenGL ES

I’m currently developing a small OpenGL game for the Android platform and I wonder if there’s an easy way to render text on top of the rendered frame (like a HUD with the player´s score etc). The text would need to use a custom font also. I’ve seen an example using a View as an […]

How to open existing project in Eclipse

I kind of feel stupid, but I just can’t get it to work…. I have an existing Android project copied from my other pc, in the folder c:\projects\trunk\android\emergency (I created that project on the other pc, copied it to my new pc and the other pc is given away) Now I want to open the […]

Open another application from your own (intent)

I know how to update my own programs, and I know how to open programs using the a predefined Uri (for sms or email for example) I need to know how I can create an Intent to open MyTracks or any other application that I don’t know what intents they listen to. I got this […]

Sending and Receiving SMS and MMS in Android (pre Kit Kat Android 4.4)

I have figured out how to send and receive SMS messages. To send SMS messages I had to call the sendTextMessage() and sendMultipartTextMessage() methods of the SmsManager class. To receive SMS messages, I had to register a receiver in the AndroidMainfest.xml file. Then I had to override the onReceive() method of the BroadcastReceiver. I have […]

Android: Bitmaps loaded from gallery are rotated in ImageView

When I load an image from the media gallery into a Bitmap, everything is working fine, except that pictures that were shot with the camera while holding the phone vertically, are rotated so that I always get a horizontal picture even though it appears vertical in the gallery. Why is that and how can I […]

Application Error – The connection to the server was unsuccessful. (file:///android_asset/www/index.html)

App Dies On Startup (connection to the server was unsuccessful) I have an Android application that I’m writing using PhoneGap BUILD. The app was working fine earlier, but now it seems iam getting this error after refining my app ( some UI changes 0nly) 1) When I start the app I (usually) get: Application Error […]

Android: How to change the ActionBar “Home” Icon to be something other than the app icon?

My application’s main icon consists of two parts in one image: a logo and a few letters below it. This works well for the launcher icon for the app, but when the icon appears on the left edge of the ActionBar, the letters get cut off and it doesn’t look good. I would like to […]

Android Studio needs JDK 7 for Android-L mac

I was trying to look how my app looks in material design and I would like to use the new cards lib. My Problem is, that it’s giving me this error within my gradle file and I need to fix that. Error:compileSdkVersion android-L requires compiling with JDK 7 I downloaded jdk-7u60-macosx-x64.dmgand installed it. java -versionin […]

ListView inside ScrollView is not scrolling on Android

I am having trouble with a scrolling ListView inside a ScrollView. I have an Activity which has some EditTexts in the top part and then a tab host with two tabs which have one ListView each. When the EditText views are focused, the soft keyboard comes up and as I have a ScrollView, the content […]

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