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Detect Twitter submit Android

I am currently writing an android app. I intend to run my application in the background of my phone and I want to be able to detect when I submit a post using the Twitter app on the same device. Is this even possible?

Android Systrace Trace File Format

Android systrace tool, calls atrace tool via ADB. However, I don’t understand very well the format of the traces file. Apparently it is very similar to linux ftrace tool with some differences. The main difference is that is doesn’t uses a System.Map file but it includes all that information into the trace file. Also, there […]

Android Activity Not Showing When Screen is Woken Up and Lock Screen Not Disabling

I have a BroadcastReceiver that starts an Activity. If the Activity is started while the screen is on, it displays and everything is fine. However, on ICS and JB devices (I haven’t tested GB or HC but the issue doesn’t exist with Froyo) if the Activity is started while the screen is off, the lockscreen […]

android local permission Androidmanifest SMS READ

Configuration: Studio 1.3 API 23 I am learning Android and started working on SMS read a simple project. I have added the permissions in the SMS_READ in the AndroidManifest.xml. Still when run emulator it throwing error permission denial for SMS_READ. I am not sure that emulator problem or API 23 level permission change? Error: Caused […]

Pinching zoom for text view

I want to do pinching functionality (zoom in /zoom Out) for text view . I have already refer to many tutorials but not getting any fruitful ..please help me if any one have done it or Knows how to do it …. Can I do it also with using button as zoom in and out […]

Collapsing toolBar Layout with Viewpager inside NestedScrollView

I am using Collapsing ToolBar Layout with NestedScrollView and Viewpager inside nested Scrollview. I am having 3 tabs and having 3 fragments for these tabs. These fragments are using RecyclerView to set data. Now with the nestedScrollView and viewpager, when I scroll the RecyclerView content, the collapsing effect is not working with this. I need […]

How does ImageView just redraw part of its content when invalidate(Rect) is called?

I am new to Android development, just reading docs and trying the APIs. I am quit confused how ImageView managed to draw just a part of its content after an invalidate(Rect) invocation. I’ve checked ImageView.java, found no other drawing method except onDraw(Canvas), but onDraw(Canvas) only cut the drawable only if it is beyound the view‘s […]

How to make Hugo and AndroidDevMetrics plugins compile only in debug:

I’m using Jack’s Wharton Hugo Library and AndroidDevMetrics plugins to measure method execution time and application performance in Android. I need to make those libraries compile only in debug build and to exclude them from release builds. Because both of those library applied only using the plugin syntax: apply plugin: ‘com.frogermcs.androiddevmetrics’ apply plugin: ‘com.jakewharton.hugo’ and […]

Get Recent and Running application list not processes

I tried a lot to get the list of recent and running applications(not processes) but couldn’t get it. I went through all the stackoverflow questions regarding this but the only answer i got about the running processes and recent tasks not the application specific like we can see in Samsung Mobile task manager on long […]

Does onInterceptTouchEvent() really works as the sdk said?

ths sdk said: 3、For as long as you return false from this function, each following event (up to and including the final up) will be delivered first here and then to the target’s onTouchEvent(). 4、If you return true from here, you will not receive any following events: the target view will receive the same event […]

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