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Create a Chat Bubble In Android

I am trying to create a chat bubble with some text.For this I am create Three Layoutouts,Inside of main Linear Layout I am using FramLayout,I am setting a 9-patch background To this Framlayout.Inside of Framlayout I am adding one more RelativeLayout where I am placing my three textViews and one imageView.but type long text it […]

Showing edittext obliquely in android

I have an EditText, which generally shows parallel to the screen X-axis. I want to show it obliquely (around 45 degree to horizontal axis). Is it possible to do this in Android. Please guide me in a direction so that I can try for it. After getting the two links in the answer by pawelzeiba, […]

Dynamically arrange Buttons around a Circle

I’m still new to android so I’m not totally familiar with all the view components. I’m struggling with aligning Buttons dynamically around a circle. What I am trying to achieve is to add n buttons (n can change at creation time) to a view that looks like the attached image: I’d like to avoid using […]

Restrict Android Widget to one instance per device

How could I restrict Android widgets in a way that only one instance can be created by the user at all times? A possible way is to store a SharedPreference including a counter variable and crash, if the count is 1, but obviously I’m not in favor of that solution. 😉

How to make widget of running application in android?

I want to make my running application’s widget. I mean I want to access my application through widget on home screen. I want to dial a call, send sms to particular number which is stored in my application. Is it possible in android? I am stuck on this if anyone has any type of idea […]

Skewing a text view in Android

I’m looking to replicate the following within my application: As you can see, its basically a button which increases/decreases the value of the text view contained within it. This button will have three visual states -> unpressed, decrease and increase (as seen in the image above, the user taps the increase arrows and the button […]

How to change EditText pointer color (not cursor)

I’m trying to make the pointer color of EditText to become blue. I’m able to make the underline and the cursor to become blue, but the droplet looking pointer is still grey. I google a bit, but all the links that appear only talk about how to change the cursor, not the pointer. So if […]

App Widget does not appear in the widget list on Honeycomb devices until Launcher is restarted

Possible Duplicate: Android AppWidget does not show up in the menu in honeycomb until reboot It seems like the default launcher in Android 3 (Honeycomb) has a bug. It doesn’t seem to refresh the widget list when you install a new application. When you restart the launcher (or restart the whole tablet) the widget will […]

Obtaining click coordinates in Android ListView OnItemClickListener

Let’s say, I have an Android ListView that I attached an OnItemClickListener to: ListView listView = (ListView) findViewById(…); listView.setOnItemClickListener(new OnItemClickListener() { @Override public void onItemClick(AdapterView<?> parent, View view, int position, long id) { […] When a certain item in the view is clicked, I can figure out the corresponding rectangle by getting the view‘s dimensions. […]

Update issue of an app widget using collection

I have created an app widget using collection for my app, The widget shows date and list of item on that particular date. Everything works fine and the widget are updating as required, But sometimes what happen while changing the date in the widget by clicking next and previous button, the list is not refresh […]

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