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visual indication of over scroll in android

I am trying to add some visual indication, that there are no more pages in the desired fling direction in the ViewPager. However I am struggling to find a place, where to put relevant code. I have tried extending ViewPager class with following code, but the Toast is not displaying (ev.getOrientation() returns always 0). I […]

how to resolve UnsupportedOperationException Required method destroyItem was not overridden

Though I have override destroyItem(…) in PagerAdapter getting an error while sliding pages in ViewPager UnsupportedOperationException Required method destroyItem was not overridden Java code public class PropertyPagerAdapter extends PagerAdapter { private Context _context; private int layoutId; private List<AddPropertyInfo> dataList; public PropertyPagerAdapter(Context context, int resourceId, List<AddPropertyInfo> objects) { // TODO Auto-generated constructor stub _context = context; […]

Preload fragment's view in ViewPager on first run

I’m using ViewPager that holds 3 fragments, each fragment loads a list. The problem is when the application runs for the first time and I swipe to the next fragment, this fragment needs sometime to load (about 2 seconds) before its view is visible. This is a very weird behavior. All I want is once […]

Android view pager change pages automatically after a few seconds

I have used android view pager to display images and text now what i want is that if a user is not changing the images then it should start to change the images automatically after a few seconds and when the user again starts using his finger then the images should not change automatically? I […]

ViewPager with WebView allowing swiping and disallowing scrolling of WebView

I am using ViewPager and WebViewto present HTML contents as an eBook. On some pages of the ViewPager I am allowing the TouchEvent to be handled by the WebView and on some pages I am letting the ViewPager handle the TouchEvent by itself by overriding the onInterceptTouchEvent method in the ViewPager(some pages are having TextViews […]

Error inflating TextInputLayout when used with ViewPager

Looks like TextInputLayout just doesn’t work inside ViewPager. The error is: Error inflating class android.support.design.widget.TextInputLayout Appcompat and Design library added. Theme is correct. I use PageAdapter to inflate and populate ViewPager. The TextInputLayout view inflates just fine in all other parts of the application. The layout I inflate for the ViewPager. <LinearLayout xmlns:android=”http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android” android:layout_width=”match_parent” android:layout_height=”wrap_content”> […]

ViewPagerAndroid is not rendered under ScrollView using React-Native

I can use ViewPagerAndroid, but when I put it under a ScrollView component nothing gets rendered. Did anyone encounter this before? React-Native: version 0.22 Platform: Android This works as expected: <ViewPagerAndroid style={{flex: 1}} initialPage={0}> <View><Text>View 1</Text></View> <View><Text>View 2</Text></View> <View><Text>View 3</Text></View> </ViewPagerAndroid>; The following renders nothing: <ScrollView style={{flex: 1}}> <ViewPagerAndroid style={{flex: 1}} initialPage={0}> <View><Text>View 1</Text></View> <View><Text>View […]

How to implement button in ViewPager?

I have a ViewPager and I need to use a button there. Button has to recognize the voice, and show it in a TextView. I implement the same layout for VoiceRecognition and for ViewPager. The question is: how to activate button to run VoiceRecognition after click. I try to set a tag on a Button […]

How to do circular scrolling on ViewPager?

I would like to set my ViewPager to do circular scrolling. I want the first page to be able to scroll to page 2 AND the last page. And I would like my last page to scroll to [last page -1] AND the first page. I have made an attempt, although I am not sure […]

Why is getCount called so many times in PagerAdapter?

I noticed today that the PagerAdapter gets called a large amount times. I counted 393 when scrolling pages slowly. I saw this question but it didn’t really provide me with a good answer. Is this normal behaviour If so, why is it that the getCount method is called so often? Just to be clear, I […]

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