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Hiding android.R resources in Android Studio 1.3+ autocomplete

Is it possible to configure Android Studio to display only the @drawable resources that are inside the project folder? The project I’m working on is an Industry project and rarely requires me to use R resources.

Android Studio 1.1.0 Gradle project sync failed Error importing a Gradle project on a OSX

I just installed gradle in this folder: /Users/joanet/Development/gradle-2.3 edit the file launchd.conf sudo vim /etc/launchd.conf to set the variable GRAILS_HOME setenv GRAILS_HOME /Users/joanet/Development/gradle-2.3 then I’ve imported the project https://github.com/NordicSemiconductor/Android-nRF-Toolbox using File -> Import project but I got this error: Gradle project sync failed and Error: Configuration with name ‘default’ not found in Android Studio I […]

AndroidStudio SDK directory does not exists

I am using Android Studio for a project on SVN (usually on Windows PCs). Lately I want to run this on a Mac, it keep giving the below error: Error:The SDK directory ‘/Users/AhmadMusa/Desktop/[PROJECT PATH]/D:\Android\sdk‘ does not exist. Please fix the ‘sdk.dir’ property in the local.properties file. I already put the SDK on local.properties file as: […]

Relative Layout alignParentLeft vs alignParentStart

So I am comfortable with using relative layouts, but whilst getting used to Android Studio I noticed that in my relative layout child views it generated both of the following. android:layout_alignParentLeft=”true” android:layout_alignParentStart=”true I have checked out the Android docs here, but cannot see a distinction between the two. Certainly swapping one for another in the […]

How do I restore my project to an older version in Android Studio?

I’m not using subversion or something like this, only Android Studio. I messed up some features and I need to get back to an older version of the project How do I do it?

Android SDK is missing, out of date, or is missing templates. Please ensure you are using SDK version 22 or later

Possible duplicate, I just download a Android Studio Zip file like Eclipse, as I opened getting this error. But problem is how to update it?

Android Studio ignore –core-library flag

I have a project, which i want to configure on my computer. On anothe computer it works, but with old version of Android Studio 0.4.0 whenever I use 0.5.2 The proble is that after I launch app it show error Build script error, unsupported Gradle DSL method found: ‘coreLibrary()’! Possible causes could be: – you […]

Moving android-sdk and sdk folders to another drive

My windows is on a 128GB ssd hard drive and its running out of space. the folder C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Android has 2 folders android-sdk and sdk folders that use about 30GB of space. Is it possible to move these folders to an external hard drive? If it is possible what changes should I make in the android […]

Android console displays: W/art: Attempt to remove non-JNI local reference

I’ve just setup my first Cordova project and installed OneSignal push notifications. This is all working as I expect, however the Android Developer Tools are showing this in the console: W/art: Attempt to remove non-JNI local reference, dumping thread W/art: Attempt to remove non-JNI local reference, dumping thread W/art: Attempt to remove non-JNI local reference, […]

Android Studio : How to change default cursor style and behavior?

In Eclipse and many other editors we’ve same behavior for these Cursor styles: Insert mode: The cursor inserts a character at its current position, forcing all characters past it one position further. Overtype mode : The cursor, when typing, overwrites any text that is present in the current location. But In Android Studio, this cursor […]

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