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Android Studio. Problems with R class

I’ve upgraded to Android Studio 0.1.6 and cannot compile my project since. I’m getting 81 errors in code wich was working perfectly fine with the previous version of the application. No code changes. All of the errors related to the R class, examples: java: cannot find symbol symbol: variable string location: class %mypackagename%.R And java: […]

Cannot Render Google+ SignInButton

I am attempting to follow the Setting Up Google Play Services tutorial for Android Studio 0.8.6. Ultimately, I want to add the Google+ sign-in button to my app (see below for example). When I add the button to my XML, the preview pane (as well as the app itself when I deploy it in debug […]

Android Studio not recognizing classes after power failure

A co-worker is having this problem for second time with Android Studio (first time he just got tired and reinstalled Windows) After a power failure while using Android Studio on Windows 7, it couldn’t resolve symbols for all android classes anymore. SDK and JDK seem well configured and we even downgraded to JDK 7u75 in […]

What version of support library is installed in my Android Studio

I tried to add a CardView in my app so I added the following dependency in my gradle compile ‘com.android.support:cardview-v7:22.2.1’ I realised that an error is caused because I have given the wrong version number. After taking a look at the official google docs I came to know that Android Support Repository is used to […]

Android Studio – gradle task to execute after SYNC

Is there a way to execute gradle task once after project Sync with Gradle files is complete? I’ve tried to set task dependency to preBuild, as I’ve seen gradle:build is triggered when Sync is executing. But the problem is that dependency doesn’t seem to work, task is not executed and I have to manually start […]

Android Studio doesn't recognize Facebook imports

I’m a begginer and I am trying to create an app with Facebook Integration. I have done all the steps(Importing Facebook SDK in Module Structure,adding missing depedencies in gradle files,adding the dependencies module for my app project in Structure again). Everything seemed to be fine,I added A simple LoginButton in main_activity.xml) and no error showed […]

Convert Project after Android Studio 2.2 update

Hello AndroidStudio Users, Recently I have updated my Android Studio with 2.2 version, No so many gradle and Instant Run update I got, that I have updated. But whenever open new project, I am getting following dialog to convert project. Is it required to convert? What it will convert actually? Anyone know?

Gradle Build gets stuck at Executing tasks:

I am running Android Studio 1.3.2 on Ubuntu 14.04, with build-tools version 23.0.0. Whenever I load any project, after the indexing is complete, Gradle shows Gradle Build Running and no matter how long I leave it, it shows no progress or errors. I have tried these solutions: How to fix Android Studio getting stuck executing […]

Failure to install APK Android Studio

I have tried literally everything to try and rectify this error when trying to deploy an app to an actual android device for debugging but have been unable to solve the matter. Everytime I try to launch I get a failed [INSTALL_FAILED_DEXOPT] error and when checking the logcat it is always because there is no […]

Android App not loading in Emulator after Android Studio 2.3 Update

I have just uploaded my Android Studio version to 2.3, and I am now having problems testing my app in my emulator. It is a Nexus 5X emulator with Android 7.0 Nougat loaded on it (API 24), with an ABI: armeabi-v7a (I have an AMD processor, so to the best of my knowledge I can […]

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