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NDK support is an experimental features and all use cases are not yet supported error in Android Studio?

I want to integrate NDK into Android studio but i am facing NDK support is an experimental feature and use cases are not yet supported error.I have downloaded NDK using the SDK manager and the NDK is palced C:\Users\The\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\ndk-bundle. I have also created NativePanorama java class for Java and C++ interaction. Here is the code […]

Android Studio 1.4 Navigation Drawer

I’m new to Android App developing. Today I tried to update my app to android new material design. So I used Android studio (1.4) navigation Drawer Activity. Problem is I cant understand how to use navigation bar to navigate between my actives. It different from online tutorials I seen. It dosen’t use Fragments. I can […]

build.gradle is secured from decompilation?

It is very easy to decompile the code and code is not secured even with the Proguard. What I required is to secure “key” in the app. Is build.gradle secured ? can it be decompiled ? buildConfigField “String”, “Key”, “\”1234567890\”” Update as per commonsware’s answer I got that it’s not secured ? is there any […]

Using Scala with Java in Android Studio

I installed the 1.5.2 Scala plugin in Android Studio 1.2.2. I have an existing (functioning) project coded in Java. I added a trivial class in Scala to replace an existing Java class just to try it out. The IDE seems to validate the Scala code but the reference to the class from the Java code […]

How to get rid of Android Studio warning “Result of getException() not thrown”?

I have the following method: private void recoverPassword() { FirebaseAuth mAuth = FirebaseAuth.getInstance(); mAuth.sendPasswordResetEmail(“mail@example.com”).addOnCompleteListener(new OnCompleteListener<Void>() { @Override public void onComplete(@NonNull Task<Void> task) { if (!task.isSuccessful()) { Exception e = task.getException(); System.out.println(e.toString()); } }); } And I keep getting Android Studio warning: Result of ‘getException()’ not thrown How can I rewrite the snippet above to get […]

Run time gradle exception

I know this is a repeated question but I tried numerous code but couldn’t solve the error Error:Execution failed for task ‘:app:transformClassesWithJarMergingForDebug’. com.android.build.api.transform.TransformException: java.util.zip.ZipException: duplicate entry: android/support/v4/accessibilityservice/AccessibilityServiceInfoCompat$AccessibilityServiceInfoVersionImpl.class gradle file apply plugin: ‘com.android.application’ android { compileSdkVersion 23 buildToolsVersion “23.0.3” defaultConfig { applicationId “com.cwish” minSdkVersion 16 targetSdkVersion 23 versionCode 1 versionName “1.0” multiDexEnabled true } buildTypes { […]

Android Studio ADB connection dropping wired attached device since 2.2 on Macintosh

All of these are new for me. It has to be one of them. Android Studio 2.2 and Android 24. Instant Run Mac OS Sierra. There doesn’t seem to be any pattern. It occurs sometimes after 2 minutes, sometimes after 10. I have three different devices, a 4.4, a 5.0 and a 6.0+. It’s not […]

AS forcing to use android SDK Build Tools 25.0.0 SDK Build Tools revision (23.0.3) is too low for project

Hi I am facing build version issue. When I run the app, it throws an error that, Error:The SDK Build Tools revision (23.0.3) is too low for project ‘:Yampp’. Minimum required is 25.0.0 I need to use 23.0.3, but it’s forcing to use 25.0.0. How to solve the strange issue? Here are the Gradle files […]

Android Studio + Volley = NoClassDefFound?

Well, I decided to try out the Volley networking library for Android and the new Android Studio IDE at the same time.. However, I’m running into some problems. I built volley.jar, copied it into my libs folder for a new project, edited build.gradle to include volley, and setup a static ImageLoader and RequestQueue in my […]

Android Studio AndroidManifest.xml vs build.gradle

If anyone could help me understand some things regarding Android Studio, it would be most enlightening. So, I have switched from Eclipse to Android Studio around a month ago and so far have only been working on my migrated Apps. As such, I have been tinkering around with only the AndroidManifest.xml file as was customary […]

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