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Android Studio: Android Manifest doesn't exists or has incorrect root tag

I got this error on Android Studio (AS): How I got it: I created an AS Project from scratch and everything was fine. Then a popup showed up, and (if I recall correctly) was saying something like: “Android Framework detected“. I pressed “Yes’ and some changes happened to the project/module. And after that I got […]

Error type 3 Error: Activity class {} does not exist

I have an INTELIJ(v12) android project successfully imported to AndroidStudio(v0.4.0). It works perfectly if I don’t change anything in manifest. When I want to change the launcher activity and run, it outputs with the following error: Launching application: com.trackingeng/LandingActivity. DEVICE SHELL COMMAND: am start -D -n “com.trackingeng/LandingActivity” -a android.intent.action.MAIN -c android.intent.category.LAUNCHER Starting: Intent { act=android.intent.action.MAIN […]

Adding local .aar files to Gradle build using “flatDirs” is not working

I’m aware of this question: Adding local .aar files to my gradle build but the solution does not work for me. I tried adding this statement to the top level of my build.gradle file: repositories { mavenCentral() flatDir { dirs ‘libs’ } } I’ve also put the slidingmenu.aar file into /libs and referenced it in […]

Android Studio needs JDK 7 for Android-L mac

I was trying to look how my app looks in material design and I would like to use the new cards lib. My Problem is, that it’s giving me this error within my gradle file and I need to fix that. Error:compileSdkVersion android-L requires compiling with JDK 7 I downloaded jdk-7u60-macosx-x64.dmgand installed it. java -versionin […]

How to change android version and code version number in Android Studio?

How to change android version and code version number Android Studio? I want to change apk file(app) on Google Play and i need to change android version and code version number. I tried with this in AndroidManifest.xml file in Android Studio: <manifest xmlns:android=”http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android” package=”com.bestsoftcorporation.circle.app” android:versionCode=”101″ android:versionName=”2.0″> But it wont work. When i tried to publish […]

View contents of database file in Android Studio

I have been using Android Studio to develop my app since it’s was released. Everything works nice until recently, I have to debug together with checking the database file. Since I don’t know how to see the database directly, When I debugged to generate the database file, I have to export the database file from […]

Android N requires the IDE to be running with Java 1.8 or later?

My XML layout is not rendering with this error message. I am already using Java 8. Also using latest build tools in Gradle. android { compileSdkVersion ‘android-N’ buildToolsVersion 24.0.0 rc1 … } XML Error –

how can I add the aidl file to Android studio (from the in-app billing example)

I am currently migrating an Eclipse app to Android Studio. This app was using the in app billing. My main problem is to compile the project and the aidl file (I guess you all use this file) I get this error message: Gradle: error: cannot find symbol class IInAppBillingService Gradle: error: package IInAppBillingService does not […]

Android studio add external project to build.gradle

I have a sample project, with the following setup: /root + Pure Java Lib + Android Test Lib + Android Test Project Where the ‘Test Project‘ is dependent on the ‘Test Lib‘, and the last depends on the ‘Pure Java Lib‘ Compiling the project and launching this setup works just fine. I’m now thinking about […]

Create aar file in Android Studio

I’d like to create an aar file for my library in Android Studio, i would’ve gone with a jar option but my library has resources. Any idea how to create an aar file from a library?

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