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Unable to access App Engine Application running in Android Studio using Android Device Application in LAN

I am running Google App Engine application in Android Studio. Installing Android Application to my Android Device from the same Android Studio. appengine task configuration in build.gradle of GAE application is as follows: appengine { downloadSdk = true jvmFlags = [“-Ddatastore.backing_store=$localDbPath”] httpPort = 8888 httpAddress = “” } Connecting both devices (“Laptop – which running […]

Android Studio build.gradle – Cannot resolve symbol 'android'

I’ve gone through the tutorial here and everything works except for my build.gradle. Everything in the ‘android‘ section is is underlined and displays a “Cannot resolve symbol” error message. This is in Android Studio 0.3.1. I’ve even tried re-installing Android Studio and it still doesn’t work. buildscript { repositories { mavenCentral() } dependencies { classpath […]

Unable to load class OutputFileTask with Android Studio 1.2 and Gradle 1.2.2

After upgrading to Android Studio 1.2, I´m getting the following error when trying to sync my project Error:Unable to load class ‘com.android.build.gradle.internal.tasks.OutputFileTask’. Possible causes for this unexpected error include: Gradle’s dependency cache may be corrupt (this sometimes occurs after a network connection timeout.) Re-download dependencies and sync project (requires network) The state of a Gradle […]

Android Studio 0.3.1, appcompat-v7 and android library project always generate IllegalStateException

I am developing an application that uses the libraries appcompat v7 and support-v4. The application works correctly and its main theme is derived from Theme.AppCompat. Problems arise when I try to add any module (android library project) to the main project: I always get an IllegalStateException. At the moment the project library is completely empty: […]

Gradle hangs on Executing tasks: [:android:generateDebugSources

Since updating my Mac OS X to El Capitan (and android studio from 1.5.1 to 2.x with all tools and sdks) I have problems with my libgdx–robovm game in Android Studio. When I’m doing Gradle Sync it always hangs on: Executing tasks: [:android:generateDebugSources, :android:generateDebugAndroidTestSources, :android:mockableAndroidJar, :android:prepareDebugUnitTestDependencies, :android-full:generateDebugSources, :android-full:generateDebugAndroidTestSources, :android-full:mockableAndroidJar, :android-full:prepareDebugUnitTestDependencies] Always. By hanging I mean […]

How to use multiple res.srcDirs and override some resources with gradle

I want to build different versions of my app based on different productFlavors, but need some degree of flexibility that I can’t achieve yet. This is my folder structure: +src +main +java +res +base +java +res +custom1 +java +res +custom2 +res The common code is on main (a service) and the base ui is on […]

Increasing the visibility of a view on Swipe using Gestures in android

I am using following code private GestureDetector.OnGestureListener mGestureListener = new GestureDetector.OnGestureListener() { private float lastDeltaValue; private static final int MIN_DISTANCE = 15; private static final int MIN_DISTANCE_Y = 25; @Override public boolean onDown(MotionEvent e) { lastDeltaValue = 0; return false; } @Override public void onShowPress(MotionEvent e) { } @Override public boolean onSingleTapUp(MotionEvent e) { return […]

Android application lacking debug information in Android Studio

I’m trying to debug an application that I’m writing using Android Studio but I can’t seem to get any useful debugging information out of Android Studio’s “Debug” view. I’m launching my application with the bug-looking “Debug” icon but the “Debug” view doesn’t have anything useful (no stack frames from my application, for example): Even if […]

Android Studio, 9 Patch and the “Show Bad Patches” Button. How do it know?

I’m trying to clean up a large project which has a lot of nine patch images (50 or so). One thing I’m finding out is when an android project migrates from Eclipse over to Android Studio, the system looks at the 9 patch images to ensure they comply to a standard. And I’m getting lots […]

No “apk” folder generated inside the “Build” folder when building an APK

I am using Android Studio v 0.5.7. The problem is that, in the “Bin” folder my apk file is there, but it is not built automatically. That is, it shows my older APK. When I searched regarding this issue I found that, in the “Build” folder an “apk” folder is generated and it shows the […]

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