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Include .so library in apk in android studio

This question already has an answer here: Android studio, gradle and NDK 23 answers

Android Studio – local path doesn't exist

After updating Android Studio to 0.2.4 I can’t get my project to deploy. There is a complete mismatch of the apk filename. Waiting for device. Target device: 0146B0020E010020 Uploading file local path: /home/martin/workspace/git/projectname/projectname/project/build/classes/debug/AppName.apk remote path: /data/local/tmp/com.xxx.xxx.android.projectname Local path doesn’t exist. After reading some posts here, I changed the output path to the build/apk folder, but […]

Android Studio: javadoc is empty on hover

I have moved from eclipse to android studio lately, and am liking it, however I miss the javadoc on hover feature from eclipse. I followed the instructions here to add the functionality, hoever my hovers contain no javadoc. If I use my documentation shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Space it will show the documentation correctly, […]

Error:(1, 0) Plugin with id 'com.android.application' not found

This is my first attempt at Android Studio. I installed 0.8.0 and updated to 0.8.2. As soon as a project is created I get the error message: Error:(1, 0) Plugin with id ‘com.android.application’ not found C:\Users\Bob\AndroidStudioProjects\HelloAgain6\app\build.gradle apply plugin: ‘com.android.application’ android { compileSdkVersion 20 buildToolsVersion “20.0.0” defaultConfig { applicationId “com.example.bob.helloagain6” minSdkVersion 15 targetSdkVersion 20 versionCode 1 […]

Using Build Flavors – Structuring source folders and build.gradle correctly

Please note: Answer edited after Xavier’s Answer I am trying to use different Build Flavors for one same Application project in Android Studio. However, I seem to be having a terrible time configuring it to work appropriately. Steps: Create a new Android Studio Project, named ‘Test’. Open build.gradle* and added the following lines: productFlavors { […]

Android studio logcat nothing to show

I installed Android Studio yesterday, and I tried to use the LogCat to see the logs. But there is nothing to show in the logcat. I used the terminal to run ./adb logcat and it works. Is there someone who can explain to me how to use logcat in Android Studio?

Unable to install Android Studio in Ubuntu

This question already has an answer here: Error: Unable to run mksdcard SDK tool 10 answers

How to build an android library with Android Studio and gradle?

I am trying to migrate a project from Eclipse but nothing I have tried is working. In Eclipse I have 3 projects (2 android app projects and 1 android library project). The 2 app projects depend on the library project. When I do the gradle export I get 3 projects that don’t work. I am […]

Android SDK folder taking a lot of disk space. Do we need to keep all of the System Images?

There are a lot of system images piling up on my disk in the android sdk folder. i hardly use the emulator. May be once in 6 months. Most of my development is directly on device. What i wanted to check was, will removing the system images (at least for the old APIS i.e. < […]

How to automatically generate getters and setters in Android Studio

I am working on a Android application and created a model with a large number of variables. Since I am planning to add getters and setters for all of them. Is there a shortcut in Android Studio for automatically generating the getters and setters in a given class?

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