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Android Studio: Error:/android-studio/gradle/gradle-2.4/lib/plugins/gradle-diagnostics-2.4.jar (No such file or directory)

I’ve just installed Android Studio 1.3 into my Ubuntu 14.04 (64bit). I created a new project and after finishing the process Android Studio shows “Gradle ‘MyApplication’ project refresh failed”. I found same type of questions in Stackoverflow but any of the solution didn’t fit for me. I couldn’t figure out the problem. Here are some […]

Android Instant App: How to create URL addressable modules?

Google updated their information page about instant apps recently: https://developer.android.com/topic/instant-apps/prepare.html Most of the points are clear except “3. Refactor your app, if necessary”. They suggest for retail modules like browse, search, item detail, and check out. Q: How do I split up the app into modules which are fully functional & URL addressable? I do […]

How to use assert in Android Studio

I been looking at this question, and I thought it would be a good idea of using assert only in debug build. Is there any thing special that I need to configure in Android Studio in order to allow asserts? I also want to guarantee that they will not be presented in release build.

How to clone a remote git repository with Android Studio?

In Eclipse the import command would accept a URI but in Android Studio import only seems to accept the location of a directory on my hard drive. How should I clone my remote repository with Android Studio?

“'this' is not available” in debug windows of Android Studio

I get this message in debug windows in Android Studio. This is not a static method, nor is it a class. What does it mean?

How to add an Android Studio project to GitHub

I have a project in Android Studio. I want to add that project to a GitHub repository using android studio. How can I do that?

Assets folder in Android Studio?

Im trying to use a custom font, and I’ve read that I suppose to place the fonts in assets/fonts. I’m using Android Studio and it doesn’t seem like I have a assets folder. So I created one. But my app crashes when I place the assets folder in src/main. Im using this code to load […]

Comparing files in Android Studio

If I have two different class/layout files in a project, is there any way I can compare which lines are different using Android Studio? Thank you!

Import Cordova project in Android Studio

I am trying to create a Cordova project. After creating the project cordova create myProject I would like to open it in Android Studio. The problem is … it doesn’t work. The CordovaLib will not build with various errors package android.* does not exist. Does anyone know how to import a cordova project in Android […]

Android Studio does not install latest application on device

I’m following some tutorials about building apps in Android Studio, but for some reason it’s not launching/installing the latest version of my app when I click ‘run’. I have to manually uninstall the app on the phone and then click run after making changes in Android Studio for the app to get updated. Any ideas? […]

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