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How to install an older version of Android Studio

If I’m having a problem with Android Studio, and want to see if it exists in a previous version, where do I go to find the older (obsolete) version of Android Studio? There’s no link to previous versions on the download page, only other download options, does not give older versions.

Getting `Error:Cannot get property ':lib' on null object` on a new Android Studio project

I’ve created a new project with Android Studio and added new lib project inside, but now I’m getting this: Error:Cannot get property ‘:lib’ on null object.

How can I determine the version of Google Play services?

I am migrating from Eclipse to Android Studio. I have a project that I imported into Android Studio that uses Google Play Services, so I am following the documentation I found here: http://developer.android.com/google/play-services/setup.html This documentation says that I need to edit my build.gradle file. They give the example: apply plugin: ‘com.android.application’ … dependencies { compile […]

“noinspection” keyword list in Android Studio

In Android Studio I sometimes use this kind of comment to disable an inspection warning on a specific line of code that I already handled, for example: if(Build.VERSION.SDK_INT < Build.VERSION_CODES.JELLY_BEAN) { //noinspection deprecation textView.setBackgroundDrawable(ContextCompat.getDrawable(mContext, R.drawable.calendar_item_separator)); } else { textView.setBackground(ContextCompat.getDrawable(mContext, R.drawable.calendar_item_separator)); } In this example I used the keyword “deprecation” but I cannot find the full […]

Upgrading project to Android Studio 1.0 (Gradle problems)

Just to start I’m very new to android development/android studio/gradle so forgive me if I’m asking a stupid question. My team has been working on a project with the beta version of android studio, I’ve just installed the new version (1.0) and i’ve imported our project from the github remote repo. When trying to sync […]

Access to environment variables from Android Studio gradle build

In my Android Gradle build I need to get access to environment variables I set from .bash.profile. It works fine when I build from command line – Gradle script can see all the variables. However, when I try to run my build from Android Studio – I don’t have my environment variables anymore. Here is […]

Android Studio 0.5.2 Gradle Refresh Project failed

UPDATED WITH MY EVENT LOG LAST EDIT After trying out every possible solution i could find i’ve come to a fresh install of Windows. Doing this i noticed that this was indeeed a firewall issue, my antivirus was blocking the studio64.exe process. I have freshly installed Android Studio 0.4.2 then immediately updated to 0.5.2 without […]

Android Studio import class shortcut

I’ve looked at How to auto import the necessary classes in Android Studio with shortcut? but it doesn’t help. Ctrl+Alt+O does nothing. When I press alt+enter I get the following: I do not want this, I wish for it to appear as a normal import at the top of the file. What are these shortcuts […]

Importing gradle project to eclipse

I have problem with importing this library into eclipse. Things I did: run gradlew.bat (inside project) that downloaded and installed it run CMD set my SDK with command “set ANDROID_HOME=C:\dev\android-sdk-windows” run command gradlew build after successful build image I tried to import project into my eclipse but it’s incomplete (without any classes) It’s first time […]

Is there any way make Snackbar persist among activity changes?

Although Snackbar is beautiful, it doesn’t persist when changing activities. This is a bummer in scenarios where I would like to confirm that a message was sent using a Snackbar, before finishing the activity. I’ve considered pausing the code before exiting the activity, but have found that to be a bad practice. If what I […]

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