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How to run a certain activity in Android Studio?

For instance, I have a few activities within one app, and in order to see a certain activity’s UI or whatever, I need to run a certain activity that is not the launcher of the app. One stupid way is to build a “door” for that activity in the launcher and go inside the activity […]

Android studio preview pane not rendering ActionBar?

I’m running the latest version of android studio ,Problem is the preview pane does not render the ActionBar when any of the AppCompat themes are used, if i change the theme of the preview pane it works fine(Not change actual theme) ,but is there any discepency in doing this, my styles.xml is as follows <resources> […]

Android Studio with Google Play: Google Play services is missing

I am using Ubuntu 14, Android Studio 0.8.6. I am using Genymotion for running the app, the response I get, is: W/GooglePlayServicesUtil﹕ Google Play services is missing. Tried the solution of Import Google Play Services library in Android Studio, also from Android Studio with Google Play Services. Installed the following packages from Android SDK Manager: […]

Android studio keeps replacing match_parent with fixed dp value

Android studio (v 2.3.1) keeps replacing the match_parent of a RelativeLayout with a fixed dp vanue. For example, when I type match_parent as the width, it replaces it with 368dp. When I test the app, I see that the RelativeLayout indeed is wrong. Does anyone know how to fix this? <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?> <android.support.constraint.ConstraintLayout xmlns:android=”http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android” […]

What is the Android plugin version included in IntelliJ IDEA?

… and how to find it out (in an authorative way)? In Android Studio 0.8.11: when I check the same it shows which corresponds to http://tools.android.com/recent and http://developer.android.com/sdk/installing/studio.html. In IDEA EAP 14: when I go to Settings > Plugins > Android Support the version number shown is 10.0 which doesn’t correspond to a recent […]

Android Studio wireless ADB error (10061)

It seems that wireless ADB has more and more issues each time I update Android Studio. Using 2.1.1, I’m now unable to connect to my tablet using the command: adb connect <ip addr> It results in the error: unable to connect to <ip addr>:5555: cannot connect to <ip addr>:5555: No connection could be made because […]

should i delete .AndroidStudio1.2 folder now

I see these folders in my username file and wonder if i could delete two of them: .AndroidStudio1.2 .AndroidStudio1.3 .AndroidStudioPreview1.3 The StudioPreviewpreview1.3 takes 1.3 G of storage and the Studio1.2 takes 773 MB of storage. I’d like to know if any of these folders do anything now. I’m getting messages there’s an even newer version […]

Upload video to Youtube via android studio

I’m a new programmer in Android studio. I am trying to create a button that gets a file location and uploads it to my youtube account: I succeeded to get a video file’s directory in my android code: File mediaFile = new File(Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory().getAbsolutePath()….) I added a button that calls UploadToYoutube function. Now I would like […]

Android Studio preview: This JVM does not support constant tag 15

I’m attempting to look at a preview of an xml layout that contains a couple custom views (nothing complicated… mostly wrappers). I’m getting the following error: The following classes could not be instantiated: – com.app.view.widget.SlidingSwipeRefreshLayout (Open Class, Show Exception, Clear Cache) – com.app.view.widget.BetterViewAnimator (Open Class, Show Exception, Clear Cache) java.lang.ClassFormatError: This JVM does not support constant tag […]

Assign a view ID programmatically in Android

I’m trying to create a RelativeLayout with several children programmatically. To make the rules like RelativeLayout.RIGHT_OF work, the child views must have proper IDs. However, when I try to assign an ID, Android Studio flags it as an error: view.setId(123); ERROR: Expected resource of type id

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