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Building audio processing Little Endian SDK with NDK

I am trying to use ndk-build to use native code for audio processing from Little Endian in an Android application (I don’t have JNI yet). When I execute ndk-build in jni dir I get ($USER_PATH is path to directory on my computer): Android NDK: WARNING: Rebuilding libc++ libraries from sources! Android NDK: You might want […]

Play pre-recorded audio into a voice call

The question have been asked before ( How to play an audio file on a voice call in android, play an audio file on a voice call etc), but I will ask it anyway: Is it possible to play an audio file into an ongoing voice call. I know the short answer is “No”, but […]

How to play multiple video files simultaneously in one layout side by side in different view in Android

In Android, I created a layout with three surface view side by side, and I want to play one video file with different media player simultaneously. But one problem I faced that none of three can play that video simultaneously. One or two of them getting stopped the display. If I used video view instead […]

Color overlay in android NDK

I want to implement the Hue/color/saturation color overlays. I saw the macros: #define ColorBlend_Saturation(T,A,B) ColorBlend_Hls(T,A,B,HueA,LuminationA,SaturationB) I am trying to reproduce it in Adobe Photoshop with colors #332244 and #557711 to get the result color – #431076. However, after applying these macros I get color – #320C59 as the result. question 1: how can I reproduce […]

How to build boost for android as shared library with c++11 support

I am trying to build boost_1.60.0 (as shared library) for android with c++11 support. I am using the latest ndk (currently android-ndk-r10e). The build host is Windows-10. This is for a non-opensource project. So as far as I understand I cannot use gnustl_shared, and I need to use c++_shared as the android c++ runtime. my […]

Detailed explanation for profile from “adb shell dumpsys meminfo my-app-name”?

Can anyone give me a detailed explanation about the profile gotten by adb shell dumpsys meminfo my-app-name? The result is just as below as it mentioned in How do I discover memory usage of my application in Android?: ** MEMINFO in pid 890 [process-name] ** native dalvik other total size: 10940 7047 N/A 17987 allocated: […]

Thread getting stuck on BlockingQueue.take for no apparent reason

I’ve stumbled upon a really weird problem that I can’t make any sense of whatsoever. A little bit of backstory first: I’m trying to run JavaScriptCore and using it as a scripting language of sorts for an Android app. The trouble is, stack size on the main thread is quite limited on older Android versions […]

Qt5 QGeoPositionInfoSource::createDefaultSource() crashes on Android 5.0

I’m developing a Qt5 application for Android (with CMake!) and currently I’m trying to read location data using Qt’s QGeoPositionInfoSource. All of my application is doing fine so far but when I run auto source = QGeoPositionInfoSource::createDefaultSource(this); The application crashes immediately and logcat gives me: I/__log_qt( 422): (II) dpw_qt5: <last output from my app> F/libc […]

How to access Android Lollipop DocumentFile files via NDK?

How is it possible to access files which are generated from a DocumentFile in Android KitKat/Lollipop in Native JNI Code, so I can use fopen, fread, etc. I’m particular asking this to access the external SD-Card files via the NDK.

Android Camera Preview Frame Timestamp

Is there a way to get a timestamp of when the Android Camera Preview Frame was captured? no Camera method is returning a timestamp you can not access Camera from native code buffer size is not static (depends on the min preview size acquired from the camera – when and if the method is working) […]

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