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Android NDK in Eclipse :: (Cannot run program “ndk-build”: Unknown reason)

I am loosing my mind trying to build my NDK project from eclipse using the CDT plugin and i get the error:- NDK (Cannot run program “ndk-build”: Unknown reason) The application runs but i loose all of the console output for the build process, this is a nightmare when trying to compile and i have […]

Porting Trickle to android

I am trying to port Trickle (https://github.com/mariusaeriksen/trickle) on android. What I have figured out till now is that I need to cross-compile the individual libraries that this application depends on, primarily ‘libevent’, using NDK standalone toolchain. Got some help from this article- http://warpedtimes.wordpress.com/2010/02/03/building-open-source-libraries-with-android-ndk/ I have managed to cross-compile libevent with the following ‘build_android.sh’ script: export […]

Loading a native library in an Android JUnit test

I’ve generated a native library using ndk-build which I’m able to load and use with in my Android application. However, I want to write some tests against this part of my app. When calling the native function in my tests, I recieve this exception message: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no process in java.library.path …where process is my native […]

gradle + ndkbuild + android studio 2.2 how to set supported ABIs?

I want to use android studio integration with ndkbuild. My “native” part of project build only for armeabi-v7a-hard and x86, and all works fine if I just run ndk-build in jni directory. I have proper lines in Application.mk: APP_ABI := armeabi-v7a-hard x86 To integration project into android studio I added such lines into build.gradle: externalNativeBuild […]

Ndk-cygwin path specific issues

Amusing windows xp, cygwin & ndk for my project. I mapped all path in the cygwin.batch file. I am trying to compile hello-jni by cygwin. Contents of cygwin.bat @echo off F: chdir F:\Cygwin\bin bash –login -i set IS_UNIX= set DEV_ROOT=E:/android/android-ndk-r5b/samples/hello-jni set JAVA_HOME=C:/Program Files/Java/jdk1.5.0_13 set CLASSPATH=d:/work_code/android/BlueInput/obj set PATH=E:/android/android-sdk-windows/tools;E:/android/android-ndk-r5b set ANDROID_NDK_ROOT=/cygdrive/e/android/android-ndk-r5b set NDK_PROJECT_PATH=/cygdrive/e/android/android-ndk-r5b/samples/hello-jni on executing the command […]

Building ICU with NDK

For last couple of days I’ve been trying to figure out how to implement ICU library for Android support. I stuck on very begining, trying to compile ICU sources with NDK. I got them from here: https://android.googlesource.com/platform/external/icu/ I put it in my jni location and added in my Android.mk file this line: include $(call all-subdir-makefiles) […]

Android Native Build Issue error while building apk

Hello I Imorted a Github source code of Telegram. But when I am trying to build the apk then I got thwo type of error- First is – External Native Build Issues which contain below details- Build command failed. Error while executing process C:\Users\The\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\ndk-bundle\ndk-build.cmd with arguments {NDK_PROJECT_PATH=null APP_BUILD_SCRIPT=C:\Users\The\Desktop\ProjectXYZ\Appcode1\TMessagesProj\jni\Android.mk NDK_APPLICATION_MK=C:\Users\The\Desktop\ProjectXYZ\Appcode1\TMessagesProj\jni\Application.mk APP_ABI=armeabi-v7a NDK_ALL_ABIS=armeabi-v7a NDK_DEBUG=0 APP_PLATFORM=android-23 NDK_OUT=C:/Users/The/Desktop/ProjectXYZ/Appcode1/TMessagesProj/build/intermediates/ndkBuild/armv7_SDK23/release/obj NDK_LIBS_OUT=C:\Users\The\Desktop\ProjectXYZ\Appcode1\TMessagesProj\build\intermediates\ndkBuild\armv7_SDK23\release\lib […]

Android NDK C++ 'wstring' support

I have source code/lib written in C++ – now i would like to compile and use the same in Android NDK project (NDK 6). I am able to compile most of the C++ files except “std::wstring” based functionality. In Application.mk when i specify APP_STL: = stlport_static then it compiles std::wstring based code but when i […]

Android NDK Exception failed: dlopen failed: cannot locate symbol “_ZN7Tangram11setPositionEdd” referenced by “libtangram.so”

I am trying to run a demo application of a Library in which android ndk is integrated. I have imported this code in Android studio and also downloaded ndk and linked it with project. Code compiles and build succesfully. It gives crash with exception “exception ljava lang unsatisfiedlinkerror thrown while initializing” “failed: dlopen failed: cannot […]

SoLoader$WrongAbiError with React Native Android

Recently we’ve integrated react native into our app with just hello world view. On some devices (mostly Asus) we’re getting this crash. Fatal Exception: com.facebook.soloader.SoLoader$WrongAbiError: APK was built for a different platform at com.facebook.soloader.SoLoader.loadLibrary(SoLoader.java:253) at com.facebook.react.bridge.ReactBridge.staticInit(ReactBridge.java:24) at com.facebook.react.bridge.ReactBridge.<clinit>(ReactBridge.java:20) at com.facebook.react.bridge.NativeMap.<clinit>(NativeMap.java:22) at com.facebook.react.JSCConfig$1.getConfigMap(JSCConfig.java:14) at com.facebook.react.XReactInstanceManagerImpl.recreateReactContextInBackgroundFromBundleLoader(XReactInstanceManagerImpl.java:423) at com.facebook.react.XReactInstanceManagerImpl.recreateReactContextInBackgroundInner(XReactInstanceManagerImpl.java:419) at com.facebook.react.XReactInstanceManagerImpl.createReactContextInBackground(XReactInstanceManagerImpl.java:363) at com.facebook.react.ReactRootView.startReactApplication(ReactRootView.java:213) at com.eightfit.app.ui.fragments.ReactFragment.startReactApp(ReactFragment.java:107) at com.eightfit.app.ui.fragments.ReactFragment.onViewCreated(ReactFragment.java:88) at […]

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