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Android Studio, Gradle, OpenCV and NDK

I am trying to test OpenCV Android, on Android Studio, I am confused about how to include the NDK. What I want to do is run the samples which come with OpenCV. Of the 6 samples provided I managed to run 4 successfully. The exceptions were face-detection and native-activity. I suspect the reason is I […]

ndk-build: undefined reference to .. errors when statically linking to libxml.a

I get a lot of undefined reference to … errors when I compile my single c++ source-file using the ndk-build tool. For the record I use NDK r6 on a linux host system. First of all I’ve been banging my head against this problem all day, so I am sorry if I am leaving something […]

Calling native method twice of third party library in an Activity causes the Android application to close down

I have integrated two native libraries (.so ) in my application. The libraries compile fine and I can load them in my application too. The first time I invoke a native method of a library it works fine, but if I call the same method again in the Activity the application shuts down. The problem […]

Android Signed APK showing incomplete

I have signed the application using Eclipse’s Export Wizard. When I published this, users started complaining that the application is behaving incorrectly. (Basically, the APK did not have necessary images & audio and hence showing incorrect behaviour). Some information on Application and Signing which I have tried. I have a lite version and paid version. […]

Maximum size of native heap on Android?

If I have understood correctly, an android process has two heaps – one managed by the VM and one native. The size of the VM heap cannot exceed 16mb (at least, this value can be higher on some phones). But what about the maximum size of the native heap? The 16 mb limit doesn’t seem […]

Is it possible to get access to the speaker signal on Android?

Sending audio to the speaker for playback on Android is easy, but is it possible to get a copy of the actual final digital signal? Let’s say I have 2 apps running “MyApp” and “SomeOtherApp”. My app sends audio to the speaker, but so does “SomeOtherApp”. “SomeOtherApp” is not my app – it’s a 3rd […]

Android – send HDMI CEC commands to TV – minix – libCEC

i’m working on a Minix NEO X8-H (Android media center, 4.4.2) and i need to send HDMI-CEC command to TV: when my App receives a call i want to change automatically the TV Source to the Minix hdmi source. Actually the Minix offer some options to enable HDMI-CEC and the media center software XBMC is […]

What are the most important POSIX functions not available in Android?

I’m about to port a large C++ project (some sort of Library Project, it contains absolutely no GUI) to Android. It’s actually a Visual C++ project, but it will be ported to Linux as intermediate step. I know that Android is not a “full” Linux and does not claim to provide all POSIX functions, but […]

What' s the difference between gnustl and stlport in android ndk development?

I want to know if their performance/stability differ from each other and their licenses explained in short. Real world experiences are welcomed.

Linking STL into a standalone Android NDK executable

The following code causes a segmentation fault after printing the string: #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { cout << “ndktest” << endl; return 0; } If I change cout to printf, it doesn’t crash. If I call cout in a different function other than main, and that function is never accessed, it still […]

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