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Android package installer – how to get “Open” and “Done” and activity result both?

My Android Application has an option to upgrade to the newer version, the newer version APK I keep it available under a path in sdcard. On click of Upgrade option I invoke following method. public static void launchInstaller(Activity act, String apkPath) { Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW); intent.setDataAndType(Uri.fromFile(new File(apkPath)), “application/vnd.android.package-archive”); intent.setFlags(Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK); act.startActivityForResult(intent, 0); } The […]

Android application restarts when opened by clicking the application icon

I am new to the Android development world and I’ve built a simple “Hello World” app. First, activity requests a text. When the “Go” button is clicked, the app launches the second activity displaying the input text. If I click the HOME button and then click the application icon, the app launches the first activity […]

Apps from Recent Apps back out to stock launcher instead of custom launcher

I’m creating a custom launcher that is used like a kiosk mode for the phone. This means most things are hidden away but allows the user to access some apps. I’ve noticed that when I launch apps from the Recent Apps list, when I press the back button, the stock launcher comes up instead of […]

Set google as search bar in home screen Custom launcher programmatically

I am creating ‘my own launcher. In that case I want to putQuick search bar` in my home screen i.e. Google now launcher. How can I do that. I have gone through multiple threads but not found any relevant answer. I don’t want to show the widget picker.I want asap user install this launcher search […]

Properly skip login activity if already logged in

My launcher icon currently starts the login activity. I’ve stored the logged in status in SharedPreferences. Is there any way to properly skip the login activity and go straight to the main activity without any UI glitches. All existing solutions involving finish() in onCreate() cause the login activity title to be briefly visible or some […]

How to get the list of all installed shortcuts found in the homescreen Launcher in android

I wanted to get the list of all installed shortcuts in the homescreen launcher programmatically. I have found lots of snippets online but none of them provides the right output for this snippet: Intent shortcutsIntent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_CREATE_SHORTCUT); ArrayList<Intent> intentList = new ArrayList<Intent>(); Intent intent=null; String launchers=””; final PackageManager packageManager=getPackageManager(); for(final ResolveInfo resolveInfo:packageManager.queryIntentActivities(shortcutsIntent, 0)) { […]

Automatically prevent apps starting from the launcher

There are a class of Android applications that enable password protection on certain user-specified apps; for example, Android Protector. I need to approach this problem from a different direction. Is it possible to create an application that blocks all activity launches unless they are on a predefined whitelist? Will there be unintended consequences with this […]

What are alternative ways to launch my app?

I can launch my app by: Tapping on its icon in launcher Registering “visible” intent-filter (I mean – user clicks for example “Send with..” then chooses my app) Entering numeral code in dialer and “call” – “invisible” intent, user cannot choose app, he just enters code Are there any other ways to launch my app? […]

How to install icon pack on custom launcher?

I’m trying to install icon pack on my custom launcher, I’ve read this note How to install icon pack but I’m not able to understand how to use that class, here’s what I done: IconPackManager ic = new IconPackManager(); HashMap<String, IconPackManager.IconPack> map = new HashMap<String, IconPackManager.IconPack>(ic.getAvailableIconPacks(false)); Iterator it = map.entrySet().iterator(); Drawable d = null; String […]

How to add custom view in android's JellyBean Launcher

I am working on making custom launcher in android. I have referred the code of android’s Jellybean launcher. now I want to make some modification in this launcher. What I want : As we know there are default five work-space screens and I want to add custom view in any one of the workspace screen. […]

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