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Android Intent.ACTION_CALL, Uri

I am trying to use the Intent.Action class. I know how to use the ACTION_VIEW to display a URL but I wanted to use the Intent.ACTION_DIAL to call number when the application is launched. The documentation says you need to parse a URI into a string and then add it to the Intent I tried […]

Android application update issue

Recently I have been facing the problem of my android app update process. In brief, app is able to check if update with higher version code was uploaded on server. If so, user decides whether to update. After that app is loaded and standard installation begins: final Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW); intent.setDataAndType(Uri.fromFile(new File(PATH_TO_APK)), “application/vnd.android.package-archive”); […]

Android deep-linking. Intent doesn't reset when app is opened from history

I have a problem regarding Android task and intent management. Scenario User gets a push with a deep-link into the app. We show a notification putting the URI into the Intent Data. User clicks the notification and is taken into the app and redirected to some Feature1Activity described by the deep-link. User looks around, and […]

android intent chooser slow to appear

When users have a lot of possible apps that can accept a certain kind of intent, the intentchooser takes a while to load, a noticeable amount of time at least Yet this waiting happens after I launch intent, is there any way I can put up some kind of loading indicator or intermediary visual element […]

How to change “Choose an action” to “Complete action using” on Android?

I have an an NFC app which allow user to scan their NFC tags and perform some action. I faced an issue which is when user scanned the tag, it will how “Choose an action” but not “Complete action using”. The different between these two is, “Complete action using” allow user to pick “always” button. […]

Show in-call dialpad – Dial a number during call – DTMF

I want to dial a number after I have answered a call, normally done by the in-call dialpad. I tried the following, but that starts dialing a new call instead (so does ACTION_VIEW). Intent dial = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_DIAL); dial.setData(Uri.parse(“tel:9″)); startActivity(dial); My guess is that “tel:” triggers a new dialing sequence. What I probably need is […]

How to receive data from the send intent?

How to receive data from the send intent in an Adobe Air based Android app? I tried it the way below, but the incoming arguments array and event is empty, the shared content is missing. Here are my Air source files and a test .apk file, it would be great if someone could take a […]

Pass arraylist of user defined objects to Intent android

I am trying to pass a structure of arraylist to an intent as follows, In the calling function i am using ArrayList<Parliament> s=(ArrayList<Parliament>)msg.obj; Intent i = new Intent(ReadTasks.this, GenrateTasks.class); i.putExtra(“tasks”, s); startActivity(i); And in the called function Bundle b = getIntent().getExtras(); if(b!=null) { ArrayList<Parliament> as = (ArrayList<Parliament>)b.getSerializable(“tasklist”); } I have given implements serializable in both […]

How to set up my personal keyboard as standard input in my app

I created a small keyboard to replace the standard Android keyboard. What should I do to set my keyboard as standard input in my app? Thanks

Android: sending SMS through intent with body and returning back.

I am trying to send a SMS through an intent, I want to add a body to the message. After user press send I want to return to the app. I’ve added extra as sms_body and exit_on_sent. But when I use them both the SMS appears without the body. If i don’t use the exit_on_sent […]

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