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ACTION_IMAGE_CAPTURE orientation problem on Nexus S and Samsung Galaxy S I9000

I’m trying to shoot picture and store it into internal storage by using the following code: Intent intent = new Intent(android.provider.MediaStore.ACTION_IMAGE_CAPTURE); takenPhoto = new File(uploadsFolder, getNewPicFileName()); intent.putExtra(MediaStore.EXTRA_OUTPUT, Uri.fromFile(takenPhoto)); startActivityForResult(intent, SHOOT_MEDIA_REQUEST_CODE); The problem is that on Nexus S and Galaxy S devices default and the single orientation for ACTION_IMAGE_CAPTURE intent is landscape. If i shoot picture […]

Searching for Android apps by permissions, features and intents

Are there services out there that let the user search or browse an Android app market by specifying the app’s permissions (e.g. android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO), features (e.g. android.hardware.microphone), launched or filtered intents (e.g. android.speech.action.RECOGNIZE_SPEECH)? I am interested in locating 3rd party apps that could complement my app in the Android environment so that I could recommend such […]

How to resume an activity when calling it from an Intent

I have the following situation: one activity (DateActivity) calls another activity (ListActivity) when a button is clicked. That is working. However, every time the button is clicked it seems that a new copy of ListActivity is created. How do I make it resume the last ListActivity or create a new one if needed? Note: I’m […]

Android: resume an Activity with singleTop or SingleTask

I’ve already been looking for solutions about my problem for much time, but The Android documentation is not so clear and web solutions don’t work completely. I’m developing a game in which the main Activity (where the game takes place) can call another simple Activity and than return back. It would work like this: If […]

Android – problems with a multi-level activity chain

(Note that I’ve searched online for the warnings I’m describing below, and have come up with next to nothing about them.) I’m working with API level 10. I have a preference screen (XML-based), and one of the options in there creates a custom ListActivity as follows: PreferenceActivity contains an option that creates a… ListActivity which […]

Instagram sharing issue: sometimes I get the message “Unable to load image”

I am using a sharing functionality to social application using Intent. I have a problem with sharing an image in Instagram. Some times I get the message Unable to load Image. Here is my code: String path=”content://media/external/images/media/32872″; Intent shareIntent = new Intent(); shareIntent.setType(“image/jpeg”); shareIntent.setAction(Intent.ACTION_SEND); shareIntent.putExtra(Intent.EXTRA_STREAM, Uri.parse(path)); shareIntent.setPackage(“com.instagram.android”); startActivity(shareIntent); How do I get rid of this […]

get Broadcast receive when SD Card is unmounting android

I need to get the broadcast receive when media is unmounting i.e before it is being unmounted. So that i can save the file in SD Card before Media is unmounted. i used android.intent.action.MEDIA_UNMOUNTED. <intent-filter> <action android:name=”android.intent.action.MEDIA_UNMOUNTED” /> <data android:scheme=”file” /> <category android:name=”android.intent.category.HOME” /> </intent-filter> But it received after the media was unmounted and then […]

Android – Using Google Analytics v4 Campaign Measurement

I have implemented Google Analytics Campaign Measurement according to this guide. Then I want to test if everything works good by following this guide. I have added these on AndroidManifest.xml: <meta-data android:name=”com.google.android.gms.version” android:value=”@integer/google_play_services_version” /> <meta-data android:name=”com.google.android.gms.analytics.globalConfigResource” android:resource=”@xml/global_tracker” /> <!– Used for Google Play Store Campaign Measurement–>; <service android:name=”com.google.android.gms.analytics.CampaignTrackingService” /> <receiver android:name=”com.google.android.gms.analytics.CampaignTrackingReceiver” android:exported=”true”> <intent-filter> <action android:name=”com.android.vending.INSTALL_REFERRER” […]

Broadcasting an INSTALL_REFERRER Intent issue

My Android Manifest file <service android:name=”com.google.android.gms.analytics.CampaignTrackingService” /> <receiver android:name=”com.google.android.gms.analytics.CampaignTrackingReceiver” android:exported=”true” > <intent-filter> <action android:name=”com.android.vending.INSTALL_REFERRER” /> </intent-filter> </receiver> I don’t have any other receiver. Test: ~/development/sdk/platform-tools $ ./adb shell am broadcast -a com.android.vending.INSTALL_REFERRER -n com.myapp.myapplication/com.google.android.gms.analytics.CampaignTrackingService –es “referrer” “utm_source=testSource&utm_medium=testMedium&utm_term=testTerm&utm_content=testContent&utm_campaign=testCampaign” The response: Broadcasting: Intent { act=com.android.vending.INSTALL_REFERRER cmp=com.myapp.myapplication/com.google.android.gms.analytics.CampaignTrackingService (has extras) } Broadcast completed: result=0 Now when I run the […]

Android Intent Database

Is there an Intent-database where one can search for applications that publish common services? For example I could have an idea about a filter that could be applyed to photos in a photo-application, but under what intent should I publish my filter so that other applications can find it and use it? So the question […]

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