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Genymotion – which IP set in etc/hosts file for access host's local webserver via domain?

in original emulator I can push own etc/hosts file with list of host’s (PC) local domain with this IP address: web.loc Which IP I must use for Genymotion emulator (network in virtual machine setting is set as “VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapter”, IP in simulated Android machine is I try but this not […]

apps under proxy not working in emulator though internet is working

I enabled proxy settings in 2.2 and 2.3 version of android in emulator and the internet started working but I have an application installed (which works only with proxy) is still not working. When I did the same for 4.0 version emulator, it was working there. Can anyone tell, why is it not working on […]

Intel Android Atom(x86) emulator HANG Mac OS X 10.9

Intel Android Atom(x86) emulator keeps hanging Mac OS X 10.9. As the HAXM release notes told which supports “OS X* 10.6 or 10.7 or 10.8 (32/64-bit)”. I believe which does not support Mac OS X 10.9, but can anybody confirm? Thanks.

how to set the tabs in the bottom of the screen in android?

i am working on tabactivity. i wanna show my tabwidget below the tabcontent(framelayout). i done it by setting the tabwiget tab attribute as android:gravity=”bottom” but the framelayout cant align with those tabs. that is the tabs are shown at the bottom of the screen and overlap the framelayout how to do that? if set some […]

Android emulator browser detecting

I’m developing a mobile version of a website. I’m currently using this Javascript to detect and redirect the user: if((navigator.userAgent.match(/iPhone/i)) || (navigator.userAgent.match(/Android/i)) || (navigator.userAgent.match(/iPod/i))) { window.location = “http://sitename.com/m/”; } Works fine with iPhone and iPod, but no success with Android. I’m using the Android Emulator within Eclipse. I don’t have an Android gadget to actually […]

android emulator access server in local network

i am having difficulties to have my android app running in the emulator to connect to servers in my local network. i am getting a java.net.UnknownHostException but the servers are resolvable fine from the machine where the emulator is run. thanks for any help on this topic!

how to scroll down a webpage

I’m testing my new mobile website in Android devices. But in emulator default Browser, I can’t scroll down, right or left the page. There is no scrollbars, and arrow keys don’t work, too. Here is a screenshot from my emulator window (I opened stackoverflow in browser)

Take screenshot

How to take screenshot using android emulator?

Is it possible to run an Android emulator without setting up Eclipse

Is it possible to run an Android emulator without setting up Eclipse. I’m working with a contractor that has provided me with the .apk file.I was hoping I could run it without setting up a whole testing environment.

How to use onclick button in baseAdapter

How to use on click event button in extend baseadapter.. I tried a lot but no use.. In my project there is custom listview, it contain text,button(btnlist), fastscroll index. when i onclick button(btnlist) it is not gng to other activity, no error is also displaying,no toast.. Plz help me with example . thank u in […]

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