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Can not use telnet localhost 5554 to connect Android emulator

I can’t use the command telnet localhost 5554 to connect Android emulator. Always get this error: Connecting To localhost…Could not open connection to the host, on port 5554: Connect failed I even have all ports set to allow connections in both the inbound and outbound rules in Windows Firewall. I am running Windows 7.

Android Emulator – Wifi Error

I am using the Android SDK Emulator ad trying to connect to the web. I can not do it as in the settings > Wireless & Networks , Where i need to turn the WiFi On, i get “Error” How to solve it? Gorov

Sending SMS to real test device (not emulator) via DDMS or emulator instance

What is working:- I’m developing my Android applications with Eclipse. I can start two emulator instances and quite happily send SMS messages between them and do whatever I need to. I prefer to do my testing with a real device though so I have my Android device connected and working away happily and I can […]

Android 2.3 emulator orientation changes

I ran into a bit of a problem, which I think is related to the emulator itself. I have put this code right at the top of my onCreate method in one of my activities: Log.d(Const.TAG, “onCreate orientation: ” + getRequestedOrientation()); Everytime I switch orientation in the emulator (via Ctrl+F11 and/or Num 7), it prints […]

CPU hungry android emulator : android ARM EABI image vs x86 image

I am new android developer, I am currently using API-15 android image ARM EABI v7 I was looking android sdk manager that there is another Intel x86 image for android API level 15 My machine is Intel Core i5 – 8GB RAM + Radeon 2GB dedicated graphics card But my emulator takes alot of cpu […]

How can I add library to Android-Emulator's lib folder

I have libTestLibrary.so library and I want add it to Android-emulator’s lib folder. How can I do this ? I make following steps: Window / Open Perspective / Other… / DDMS Enter File Explorer tab. Find lib folder and open it. Press Push a file onto device and select library witch I want to push […]

how to import files into the sdcard on emulator in android?

i want to load some photos into my sd card image in the emulator. how to do this by command prompt.how to do that?

Android 2.3.3 emulator with x86 image won't run with “Use host GPU”

I noticed that if I check the “Use host GPU” checkbox when creating a new virtual device with Android 2.3.3 and Intel x86 system image, the emulator just won’t run, it shows black screen with no signs of life, aside from errors in logcat. According to some information that I found online, running on host […]

Choreographer(639): Skipped 50 frames

04-12 05:40:55.577: I/Choreographer(639): Skipped 50 frames! The application may be doing too much work on its main thread. whenever I run my application on the android emulator it shows busy (I mean it rotates ) and it does take so much time and also some times it will be busy ever kindly can some one […]

Android Emulator hang up and impossible to quit

I’ve installed the Android plugin on Eclipse 3.6 in a regular way (aka i followed step by step the google installation page). When I launch any sample application, everything works fine, but if I try to quit the emulator (by clicking the exit cross button of the emulator), the emulator seems to hang completly. What […]

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