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Android emulator still slow as hell even with Intel image, why?

I’ve successfully installed the Intel AVM for Jelly Bean v4.1, and I can create and start an Intel x86 AVM. However it’s just as slow as the ARM ones. Having wasted a lot of time on this, as far as I can see the Intel emulation is no faster at all than the ARM images. […]

Using gradle to test android apps in an emulator

Ok I want to use gradle to run my tests in an emulator. gradle has two targets that allow me to run tests: connectedCheck deviceCheck If I understood correctly, we should use deviceCheck to test stuff in an emulator, but when I run it runs no tests. connectedCheck also doesn’t work because it can’t find […]

can I scale genymotion emulator to “device real size”?

I just started using genymotion and I really like it. One thing that is frustrating me is that emulators take a lot of screen space and are contained within scrolling window.. which makes it less convenient to use I tried to change screen resolution or look for some kind of option myself but with no […]

Android Build – Emulator stuck on android boot logo

I was experimenting with the Android build system for couple of days. I could download and build the system successfully as described here. I built the master branch. Instead of running emulator command alone I used the command with the parameters given here. The emulator window launched and shown the “android” logo, but it stuck […]

Android Emulator – offline to online mode

Is there a way to bring android emulator from offline to online mode without closing AVD? I tried adb‘s ‘kill-server’, ‘start-server’ commands but this just seems to re-start adb server (adb.exe process), the emulator is still in offline mode and ‘adb devices’ still show ‘offline’ state. Also can someone explain what exactly ‘offline’ mode of […]

Android web-based Emulator Manymo, how does it work?

I was looking for an online emulator for Android and I found this: https://www.manymo.com Most of android developer might be familiar with this or may be not, as its quit new in the market. So as developer, first thought came in my mind is, how it works (many of you will think after checking this […]

How to logout twitter account by deleting cookies?

I want to logout my twitter account by deleting the cookies created by it. I am able to retrive the cookies created by twitter using code: String twit_cookie = getCookie (“http://www.twitter.com”); But how can i delete only cookies created by twitter because removeAllCookie() deletes all the cookies created by browser. How can i delete the […]

MediaRecorder crashes on start

i’ve searched many topics but no straight answer. I have this code : recorder = new MediaRecorder(); recorder.setAudioSource(MediaRecorder.AudioSource.MIC); recorder.setOutputFormat(MediaRecorder.OutputFormat.THREE_GPP); recorder.setOutputFile(mFileName); recorder.setAudioEncoder(MediaRecorder.AudioEncoder.AMR_NB); if(!mStartRecording) { btn.setText(“Stop Recording”); try { recorder.prepare(); } catch (IOException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } recorder.start(); mStartRecording = true; } else { btn.setText(“Start Recording”); mStartRecording = false; recorder.stop(); recorder.reset(); recorder.release(); recorder = null; } And […]

Cannot select my Android client in DDMS perspective of eclipse

I want to check my program code for time consuming operations. I thought DDMS is the best tool to achieve that. However, I cant see Threads, Heaps and so on. It tells my to select a client. But I dont know where other than the Devices Tab, which doesnt take effect. What do I have […]

How to develop an application for Android which uses Google Calendar API

I just started doing some Android app development, and I decided I’m going to write an app to work with Google Calendar. The first problem that came to me is that I can’t add any Gmail account on the emulator. When I go to settings -> accounts, I can only add an Exchange account. This […]

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