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How to avoid Android getSystemService(Context.SENSOR_SERVICE) hanging emulator?

Whenever I call this method in the Android emulator: SensorManager sensorManager = (SensorManager)getSystemService(Context.SENSOR_SERVICE); The emulator hangs. When searching for this problem, I find a lot of references of this being fixed back in 2009, but I’m currently using the latest SDK/Tools available at the current time (Dec 2011). API level 8 / v2.2. Must I […]

Is there a way to change default start position of emulator?

When I open my emulators they are always mostly off screen to the left Like so: It’s frustrating not to be able to have them open somewhere in the centre of the screen like so: There are these questions: positioning starting location of Android Virtual Device Android Studio 1.2 Emulator fits to one end of […]

Is there an easy way to setup the android emulator to access the LAN of the host machine?

I would like to access a web service provided by one of the machines on my LAN from the android emulator. If the service was running on the same machine where the emulator is running (called host), I could add a network redirection and access the (host loopback interface in the emulator) with the […]

Android x86 emulator extremly slow

At the moment I’m developing an application with Android wear support but I have no smartwatch. Now I want to test my application on an emulator but that is the problem. The emulator need up to 1.5 hours to start. I created one with following settings: <!– language: lang-none –> Target Google APIs (Google Inc.) […]

Testing Accessibility on Emulated Device (Marshmallow)

I want to test the accessibility of my app in emulator (particularly Talkback) but it seems that the option is missing in emulator. Here is the screen shot from the emulator in accessibility settings: There are two options “ClockBack” and “QueryBack” which I couldn’t find on my phone with the same android version. Here is […]

Android Emulator for windows?(Not to install the Complete SDK, Just Emulator Needed)

Is there any possible way to install Android Emulator itself on the windows. I would need that for the Testing purpose? Any Idea? Please Note: I dont want to install whole sdk. i just want install the Emulater itself. that emulator is just like that a phone for the testing purpose. Thanks in Advance

Genymotion on Windows 7 is unable to connect to my virtual device

I have been using Genymotion for about a month, and it worked well. However, over the past week I have been receiving this error, regardless of my settings: “Unable to connect to your virtual device! Genymotion will now stop. Check your VirtualBox network configuration.” and a link to more information: https://cloud.genymotion.com/page/faq/#collapse-nostart I have followed the […]

What is a reasonable value for SD card size for AVDs?

I see that when I set up my AVDs (not really knowing what I was doing, just following an online tutorial or something), I gave the SD cards a value of 100 MiBs. Is this a reasonable setting? Should I be using something like 8 GiBs instead, or does it matter?

Genymotion Android emulator for Xamarin

I’ve problem about using Genymotion Android emulator for xamarin development. I have intalled Genymotion desktop app and several Android devices within it. Whenever i run any of the installed device in Genymotion desktop app via start button, it works fine but there is no Genymotion emulator in the list of available emulators in Visual Studio, […]

Logging HTTP requests/responses with Fiddler on Android emulator

Fiddler manages to log all my PC HTTP traffic, but when I run Android emulator and start browsing web though emulator, nothing gets logged. Why isn’t Fiddler logging Android emulator browser HTTP traffic?

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