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Android emulator error: “System UI has stopped”

I have recently set up my Android development environment. Every thing is alright but when I run my emulator it takes to much time with an error dialog on the emulator screen says- “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” and no application runs on it. I have recently shifted to 64bit windows7 and using JDK7 and […]

Activating Network Location Provider in the Android Emulator?

Is it possible to activate the network location provider on the android emulator? Maybe with a fake cellid?

How long does the Android Emulator take to start? Do you need to close/start if every time you change Java code?

When developing for Android do you typically need to stop the emulator and restart it every time you make a change to your Java code or is there a faster way? The emulator takes about 1.5 minutes to start for me, is this normal?

No software buttons for the ICS emulator?

So I’m working on an update for my application from 3.0 to 4.0 and I’m having issues with the emulator. Specifically, the software buttons do not appear when using the Galaxy Nexus~ish skin (I’m not sure its exact, but it should be close enough). This is the WXGA720, its values: Hardware Back/Home keys = no […]

Full queue, lose event in Android Emulator

I’m using the Android emulator running API version 15 from the SDK tools and in the console I’m getting this error: [Date – Emulator] ##KBD: Full queue, lose event I can’t click on anything obviously. I googled it and the only solution is to delete the emulator and recreate it. This works for a while […]

Unfortunately, Camera has stopped

When I launch the Camera application I am getting this error, and this is my logcat. 12-08 12:50:10.393 2275-2369/com.android.launcher3 E/Surface: getSlotFromBufferLocked: unknown buffer: 0xa21675b0 12-08 12:50:10.509 965-3048/? E/CameraService: CameraService::connect X (PID 3209) rejected (invalid camera ID 0) 12-08 12:50:10.510 3209-3224/com.android.camera E/CameraHolder: fail to connect Camera 12-08 12:50:10.510 3209-3224/com.android.camera E/CameraHolder: java.lang.RuntimeException: Fail to connect to camera […]

Android app google maps showing grey tiles and not map!

I followed this guide here perfectly and have gone through it again but when I run the program on my google avd the page loads but only grey tiles appear and it doesn’t show a map which it should. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks

Eclipse keeps starting new emulators

I’m busy learning how to build apps for Android, and I come across a very awkward problem. When I run my application (with the green circle with the play-icon in it), it starts an Android emulator (like it should), but the application doesn’t start once the emulator is booted. When I click the run-button again, […]

Android Stop Emulator from Command Line

This question is identical to How to shut down Android emulator via command line. However, after attempting the suggested solution from the first answer adb emu kill has not proven successful for me. I am automating unit tests for an android application. My bash script runs on a headless machine. It creates an android device […]

Connect USB device to Android Emulator?

We’ve been looking into Android 3.1+ and its ability to read/write to USB devices connected to the OTG/Host port. I’ve found some code examples that allow me to detect and read/write to a USB HID device, but at the moment, I simply don’t have a physical 3.1+ compatible device to deploy and remotely debug on. […]

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