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Eclipse Android AVD Emulator Does Not Display Buttons for Custom Resolution Skin

When I create an AVD in the Android Eclipse environment, if I choose under “skin” a built in slection, when the avd runs, I get buttons to the right. If I select a custom resolution and enter any height an width, I just get the screen and no buttons in the emulator. How can I […]

Android emulator screen fills up only some fraction part of actual android emulator screen

First thing first, Using Android Studio 2.3.3 Problem: My emulator screen is covering the only partial amount of screen available for emulator, i.e top left of the emulator and rest part is just a black screen. See the pic I have attached. Things I tried: 1) Restarting emulator 2) trying different emulator 3) changing pixels, […]

Android AVD on Eclipse shows 'Blank Screen' with no activity

When I start my AVD emulator, the emulator just shows blank screen with ‘android‘ written at the center. I waited for half an hour but nothing changed. I am using Android SDK 2.1 and Eclipse 3.5

Android O Developer Preview emulator always OFFLINE

I’m trying to test my app against the Android O developer preview. I can download and run the emulator, but when deploying my app, it always comes up as “[OFFLINE]”. If I go ahead and try to deploy anyway, I get the following output: com.android.ddmlib.AdbCommandRejectedException: device unauthorized. This adb server’s $ADB_VENDOR_KEYS is not set Try […]

Url mappings in hosts file in emulator is being ignored

I am using genymotion emulator and pulled hosts file from it using adb remount adb pull /system/etc/hosts C:\Users\Rkn09\Desktop\hosts and I added new mapping like xxx.mydomain.com and I pushed it back to emulator using adb push C:\Users\Rkn09\Desktop\hosts /system/etc/hosts but when I make a request to xxx.mydomain.com its not redirecting to my local machine in LAN […]

“emulator: warning: opening audio input failed” displayed in the console while AVD is launching

“emulator: warning: opening audio input failed” The above message is displayed in the console everytime an AVD is launching, and then no sound is coming out from the emulator. I have tried to delete the AVD and have created a new one again and again, but it didn’t help with the problem. I have also […]

Eclipse DDMS not showing Emulator on restart

This question already has an answer here: Adb won't start 19 answers Eclipse error “ADB server didn't ACK, failed to start daemon” 22 answers

Android TV emulator with Google APIs

I have an android game in Google Play. Now I’m trying to make it compatible with Android TV. I don’t have any of the Android TV hardware. So I’m testing in emulator. I was able to start Android Emulator for Android TV with Android 5.0. My game is using Google Play Games Services. So to […]

Unable to create emulator with Android version 4.0.3

I need to test my android app with android version 4.0.3 but I am unable to create an emulator with this Android version. Please check following screenshots for more details: Installed Intel x86 system image for version 4.0.3: No option for 4.0.3 version while selecting system image: Already tried following with no luck: Restarted Android […]

How to avoid Android getSystemService(Context.SENSOR_SERVICE) hanging emulator?

Whenever I call this method in the Android emulator: SensorManager sensorManager = (SensorManager)getSystemService(Context.SENSOR_SERVICE); The emulator hangs. When searching for this problem, I find a lot of references of this being fixed back in 2009, but I’m currently using the latest SDK/Tools available at the current time (Dec 2011). API level 8 / v2.2. Must I […]

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