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How to browse android emulator SD on Windows without Eclipse?

Can’t understand how to browse android emulator sd card. I am using IDEA, not Eclipse and can’t use Eclipse tool for this purpose.

Android – Showing Phonebook contacts and selecting one

I want to show the list of contacts in phonebook on a click of a button and then select one of the contacts from it and then retrieve its contact number? I dont want to make my custom list, is there a way to use androids built in functionality?

Application Not installed in your phone

I run the application in the emulator it works successfully and the icon of the application is show in the emulator menu but when i try to run again that app from the emulator menu it can’t allow me to run from that and display the Toast “Application is Not installed in your phone”. In […]

Does Visual Studio Emulator for Android still support drag and drop package installation?

I installed a package on Visual Studio Emulator for Android by drag-and-drop before. I got a new update yesterday. The emulator does not seem to support drag-and-drop anymore. Could anyone shed some light on this?

Android emulator hanging on startup?

I’ve been modifying/editing parts of the Android platform, but have run into a problem when trying to test my edits. After making my changes to the platform source, I was able to successfully compile the source – thus creating system.img, ramdisk.img, and userdata.img. When I go to test this in the emulator, the emulator just […]

Geo Fix Not Setting Browser Location in Android Emulator

Using the the Geo Fix command to set the virtual device’s location in the Android Emulator works properly for the Maps application. However, when I attempt to view my current location in Google Maps in the virtual device’s browser, I receive the “Your location could not be determined” error. Does the Geo Fix command not […]

My computer is connected over a VPN, Android emulator can't access local intranet sites

I work remotely and connect to my office through a VPN client. Every program on my computer can access the office network, browsers can connect to intranet sites (e.g. http://myportal/). When I open an Android emulator up and open the browser, it cannot access any of the intranet sites. Any idea why, or how to […]

How can I forward my localhost IP-Address to an Android Emulator?

I know it is possible to forward a port from my develop machine to an Android emulator, but how is this done? I’ve found the solution on the android-developers site, but I couldn’t see how they’ve meant their instructions… Anybody got some clear instructions on this? My develop machine is running Windows.

Market licensing API on Android emulator issues

I have an Android app that uses the license checking API. I’ve set up emulator AVDs with the Google APIs for API levels 8, 9, and 10. My app works fine with the level 8 AVD but fails miserably with the level 9 and 10 AVDs. Here is a typical logcat sequence: 02-14 17:43:55.815: INFO/LicenseChecker(448): […]

emulator: ERROR: camera_device_start_capturing: Device 'AndroidEmulatorVC0' is unable to save frame to the clipboard

When I try to start an Android Virtual Device with camera being attached to my laptop’s web cam, I get the following message: emulator: ERROR: camera_device_start_capturing: Device ‘AndroidEmulatorVC0’ is unable to save frame to the clipboard: 0 Here is my setup: Android Studio 0.5.9 windows 8.1 Pro Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro laptop x86 emulator with […]

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