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Android Emulator: Failed to allocate memory: 8 even with 8MB RAM

I’m trying to start an emulator, but I keep getting the error Failed to allocate memory: 8. There are some solutions to this problem, setting the RAM from 1024 to 512, but when I even set it to 8 it still crashes with this error! What should I do? Screenshot of the settings: Here the […]

How to simulate hardware media control buttons on an Android emulator

Android supports hardware play / pause buttons on headsets and attached devices. I am trying to find a way to test support for those devices on an emulator. The Android documentation talks about how to add support for hardware playback controls, but, unfortunately, I can’t find documentation of how to emulate them. Thanks!

Use same android emulator everytime

I have started a new emulator from ‘lanuch new emulator’ . But when I run another project later another emulator is getting loaded . Actually I wanted to use the same emulator itself.I there any option to reuse the same emulator and prevent new emulator being launched automatically ..Thanks in advance..

How to create 7″ Tablet (1280 * 800) Screen Resolution Emulator in Android?

I need to test my application on Android Springboard tablet. http://www.slashgear.com/t-mobile-springboard-tablet-review-07193734/ I need to create emulator for 1280 * 800 screen resolution and 7″ Tablet for android 3.0 / 3.1 or above… When i create emulator for 1280 * 800 screen resolution its consider by default 10″ tablet.. Any one please suggest me how to […]

How can I let android emulator talk to the localhost?

I’m running an android app on the emulator. This app tries to load a html file using the webview api. I also have a simple http server running on the same computer under the directory where I want to serve the request using the following python command: python -m SimpleHTTPServer 800 However, I couldn’t access […]

Communication between two apps using emulator as server and client

I have a problem. I want to make an emulator on my computer as a server. Then I want to communicate to another application installed on another emulator on the same computer.Or this may be two phone also.similarly two emulator communicate as server client I searched on Google but I found no relevant answers. Problem: […]

Newly installed Eclipse and Android SDK. Can't get emulator to work. Hangs on clock screen

I’m brand new to development. I’ve installed Eclipse and Andoid SDK. But, I can’t get emulator to work. I’ve tried the sample notepad code and Hello Android tutorial code. Each time I try to run either app it just hangs on clock screen (screen also says charging 50% and has a padlock). Here is the […]

Start my application on genymotion

I have just installed genymotions, but when I try to start my app on it, as described at the end of this paragraph, eclipse starts the old emulator even if the new one(genymotion) is running. I tried to change the debug configuration but the only virtual devices that I can see in target are the […]

Android Layout Weight not working with relative layout

Hey Guys Myself Trying to implement layout weight for the first time,a bit i tried with linear layout it works good,but when i tried with relative and linear layout something went wrong.Could you guys suggest me what is wrong here My XML File <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?> <LinearLayout xmlns:android=”http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android” android:id=”@+id/Linearlayout” android:layout_width=”fill_parent” android:layout_height=”fill_parent” android:orientation=”vertical” android:weightSum=”100″ > <RelativeLayout […]

Connection with adb was interrupted You may want to manually restart adb from the Devices view

I am using Windows 7 and JDK 6. I downloaded the package of Android SDK with Eclipse and followed the instructions to create the first Hello World application. However, when I stand on MainActiviy.java and click on run I get the following error in the console: Connection with adb was interrupted You may want to […]

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