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change font for editText hint

Is it possible to change the font for the hint displayed in the EditText field? I want to set the font in the xml itself.

Warning on EditText

I’m trying to define an EditText but this warning is shown: This text field does not specify an inputType or a hint. The code in main.xml is: <EditText android:id=”@+id/input” android:layout_width=”fill_parent” android:layout_height=”wrap_content” android:text=”@string/textTest” /> How can I fix it?

android progressbar inside edittext

I want to display progressbar(spinner) to the right of editText when activity is doing some processing and hide upon completion, is there a simple way to do this?

EditText loses content on scroll in ListView

I have list item with EditText in it, I dont know how many items there will be. I have a problem when I enter some text in EditText, and then scroll down a ListView, after I’ve scroll up again there is no text in my first EditText, or there is some text from other EditText […]

EditText On A Popup Window

I am developing on Android 2.2 using Java. I put an editText on a PopupWindow and it’s not working. It acts like a disabled edit text, clicking on the edit text won’t show the soft keyboard. How can I add an edit text on a popupWindow?

EditText cursor becomes invisible in JellyBean

In my app, I have an edit text with properties: android:inputType=”none” and android:textIsSelectable=”true”. It’s because I have defined my own buttons to enter input (buttons, not custom keyboard). I have used editText.requestFocus() to make the cursor visible. Upto to android 4.0.4, the cursor is visible and not in phones running Jelly Bean. The cursor isn’t […]

How to avoid cut/copy/paste in smart phone after rotation port to land on Android4.X?

I am working on to avoid cut/copy/paste in smart phone (for tablet its fine). Its fine in port mode but coming in land mode EditText shows a Button Next. after selecting the text, next button converts into Edit Button which has copy,cut and paste option. So is there any way to disable cut/copy after rotation […]

afterTextChanged() callback being called without the text being actually changed

I have a fragment with an EditText and inside the onCreateView() I add a TextWatcher to the EditText. Each time the fragment is being added for the second time afterTextChanged(Editable s) callback is being called without the text ever being changed. Here is a code snippet : @Override public View onCreateView(LayoutInflater inflater, ViewGroup container, Bundle […]

Android EditText background text

Is there a way to set the background text of an EditText? for instance, I have a login screen with 2 EditText views, one for username and one for password. I want the text “Username” and “Password” be written inside the EditText, and once the user touches those the text disappears but once user deleted […]

Implementing Text Watcher for EditText

I have an EditText. When i click on it, it becomes focusable. I will type the input text to be entered into the EditText. I want to implement a listener for EditText, so that when i stop typing, it should automatically save that text into the database instead of having a button. How to have […]

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