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Only Four Options For ShareActionProvider With ActionBarSherlock

I am trying to share plain text while using a Share Action Provider via ActionBarSherlock and there are only four options to share it with and no “See all…” option. Why is that? This is what it looks like: and this is what I want it to look like:

Remove Icon from Action Bar xamarin

I want to remove my icon from action bar, I’m using a MasterDetail page to create a slider, I’m using the left icon to open the slider, but the right smaller icon sided of “APP Vendas” I want to remove, I tryied everything on C# to easly remove without success. Tryiend tranpatent, RGBA, None, etc, […]

Modify style of Android items in the ActionBar

How can I modify the style of the items on the Action bar of an Android Application? I tryed the following: <item name=”android:actionBarStyle”>@style/ActionBar.Light</item> <style name=”ActionBar.Light” parent=”@style/ActionBar”> <item name=”android:background”>@color/black</item> <item name=”android:actionMenuTextColor”>#FF00FF</item> </style> The background of the Action bar I was able to modify, but not the text Colors of the items in the Action bar. How […]

Android studio preview pane not rendering ActionBar?

I’m running the latest version of android studio ,Problem is the preview pane does not render the ActionBar when any of the AppCompat themes are used, if i change the theme of the preview pane it works fine(Not change actual theme) ,but is there any discepency in doing this, my styles.xml is as follows <resources> […]

Actionbar's overflow menu open/close listener

I want to listen when user opens/closes the overflow menu (three dots) of ActionBar, someway like this: void onOverflowMenu(boolean expanded) { } To handle open cases, I’ve tried onPrepareOptionsMenu(), but it’s triggered when ActionBar is constructed or when invalidateOptionsMenu() is called. This is not what I want. I was able to detect overflow menu is […]

Up Navigation (Action Bar's back arrow) is not working for fragments

I’ve drawer-layout as a base layout of my activity and I’m replacing two fragments on a frame present inside this drawer-layout. The first fragment is not added in fragment’s back stack. I’m displaying hamburger icon in my activity (I also want the drawer menu in my first fragment). In second fragment I disabled the hamburger […]

Customize ActionBar in Android using ActionbarSherlock and jeremyfeinstein slidingmenu

I have an action sherlock bar and I need customize this control as the following picture. I need a pseudocode or similar simple example. I downloaded the library, examples, and I have been searching in this site and google, but I could not find something like this. Sorry if the information is incomplete, in that […]

Best practice for tab navigation?

I am looking for best practice of using tab navigation with sherlock actionbar. What is the proper way of changing the fragments, and adding fragments to the backstack and clearing the back stack when another tab is selected. Are there any good examples or open source projects showing how to do it right?

fragment handling screen orientation with tabs in actionbar

Can someone explain to me or maybe point a link or an example of how one should handle screen orientation when it comes to fragments. The problem that I am having at the moment is that I have an app with an action bar with three tabs. Each tab containing one fragment. So when i […]

ActionBar tabs height

I want to change default ActionBar tab’s height, but can’t find any info about. Is there some style attribute or method to set height of tabs? Thanks.

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