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Using icon in top left of ActionBarSherlock to navigate

Using the developers guide found here, I am trying to make my icon navigate back to my home screen. I currently have a button which does this, and have copy and pasted the code in the onOptionsItemSelected() method. However tapping the icon never does anything. Is this a difference in ActionBar and ActionBarSherlock? This is […]

DrawerLayout on top of Actionbar

When using the drawer layout is there a way to overlay the drawer view over the action bar? I do not want to hide the action bar when the drawer is shown. I want the action bar to simply stay put, but be sent to the background. An example of this is the iOS Play […]

Action bar menu shows off screen

I have application with old – style menu. After changing theme to Holo and switching target SDK version to 14, soft menu button disappeared (it’s OK) but using menu button on action bar shows text menu mostly off-screen as you can see at enclosed image. Have you any ideas how to fix that? I have […]

Transaction between fragments only inside one ActionBar Tab

I have an app with three tabs (ActionBar Tabs), each one with one fragment at a time. TabListener TabsActivity Tab1 -> ListFragment1 -> ListFragment2 -> Fragment3 Tab2 -> Tab2Fragment Tab3 -> Tab3Fragment The problem is when I create the FragmentTransaction (inside OnListItemClicked) from ListFragment1 to ListFragment2, the fragments inside the other tabs also change to […]

dynamic drawable icon for ActionBar menu item? (Android, ActionBarSherlock)

How can I dynamically update the icon for an ActionBar MenuItem to show a ‘red badge’ with a number? (conceptually similar to “unread message count’) I’m using ActionBarSherlock in my Android application, targeting API level 10+. My application is for mobile data capture and, sometimes, the user cannot immediately submit new data but must save […]

Text never appears with icons in portrait mode on SherlockActionBar

I have a question regarding sherlock actionbar. In portrait mode, ICS doesn’t display text next to menu items in the action bar, no matter how much space is available. Rotating to landscape mode yields the expected behavior (icons + text). If I remove the icon from the menu item, it displays the text (only) in […]

MultiChoiceModeListener causing issues with SherlockListFragment

So, I was reading this earlier question for ideas on how to allow me to click an item in a list to do one action or long-press that item to switch to an ActionMode where I can select multiple items and use the ActionBar to do something to those items. However, I’m having issues with […]

How can I use a contextual action bar with the Android support library?

I have a ListView in my ActionBarActivity that has items that can be long-pressed for additional actions. I currently am using registerForContextMenu and showing an ugly popup dialog, so I want to change it to use a contexual action bar. How can I do this? CHOICE_MODE_MULTIPLE_MODAL as well as a few other things seem to […]

Custom style for stacked action bar?

I want to have separate backgrounds for stacked and non-stacked tab bars. This should explain it: So the way I have it is: For tablets, use dark background tabs. For everything else, use light background. This covers most use cases, but I’d like to make it not look bad in phone-landscape. Any way I can […]

ActionBar and ActionBar.Tab and Navigation Drawer android

I am using action bar with help of android-support-v7-appcompat and also using Navigation drawer over it. In one of my fragment if I use ActionBar.Tabs then the tabs overlaps the navigation drawer and the drawer gets below the ActionBar tabs. How can I make the action bar like in google play application or Google movie […]

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