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Primary color (sometimes) goes transparent

I am developing with the latest SDK version (API 21) and Support Library 21.0.2 and I’ve been having trouble when trying to implement the new Material Design guidelines. Material Design says that I need to have my primary color and my accent color and apply them over my app. But sometimes when I open the […]

UiAutomator dump for Lollipop Lost WebView View Hierarchy

In KitKat we were able to get webview view hierarchy from a UIAutomator dump if focus was placed on the webview. I was wondering if there was substitute functionality for getting webview view hierarchy with the lollipop release, or if that functionality was lost in the release?

Canvas.drawTextOnPath(…) not working on Lollipop

canvas.DrawTextOnPath does not seem to work on a Lollipop device. See the difference here. (The Nexus 10 image is correct but Lollipop does not display correctly) The code is a simple path draw. // Path for the inner circle unitPath = new Path(); unitPath.addArc(unitRect, 180.0f, 180.0f); // Draw the text and the path canvas.drawTextOnPath(“Inner Circle”, […]

Image data from Android camera2 API flipped & squished on Galaxy S5

I am implementing an app that uses real-time image processing on live images from the camera. It was working, with limitations, using the now deprecated android.hardware.Camera; for improved flexibility & performance I’d like to use the new android.hardware.camera2 API. I’m having trouble getting the raw image data for processing however. This is on a Samsung […]

Lollipop notification icon too small

I’m trying this code, NotificationCompat.Builder nfBuilder = new NotificationCompat.Builder( context) ..setContentTitle( “XYZ”) .setContentText(“ABC”)![enter image description here][1] .setContentIntent(pIntent) .setDefaults(Notification.DEFAULT_ALL) .setOnlyAlertOnce(true) .setAutoCancel(true) .setPriority(Notification.PRIORITY_HIGH) .setSmallIcon(R.drawable.woj_ic_launcher); Notification notification = nfBuilder.build(); NotificationManager nfManager = (NotificationManager) context .getSystemService(Context.NOTIFICATION_SERVICE); nfManager.notify(requestCode, notification); Problem is, it works fine with all other platforms but with lollipop, it shows very small icon with grey circle around […]

Couchbase Lite on Android L

After updating to Android L, I got errors like this, though before (on Android 4.4 Nexus 7 2013) everything was fine: java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: no “I” field “mConnectionPtr” in class “Landroid/database/sqlite/SQLiteConnection;” or its superclasses at com.couchbase.touchdb.TDCollateJSON.nativeRegisterCustomCollators(Native Method) at com.couchbase.touchdb.TDCollateJSON.registerCustomCollators(TDCollateJSON.java:11) at com.couchbase.lite.android.AndroidSQLiteStorageEngine.open(AndroidSQLiteStorageEngine.java:46) at com.couchbase.lite.Database.open(Database.java:909) at com.couchbase.lite.Manager.getDatabase(Manager.java:228) at com.explain.messenger.model.utils.CBHelper.init(CBHelper.java:55) Exeption occures after trying to create database : manager = […]

Is there an intent for uninstallation of an app for ALL users?

Background The normal way to call for the uninstallation an app is simply by using the “ACTION_DELETE” intent : startActivity(new Intent(Intent.ACTION_DELETE, Uri.parse(“package:” +packageName))); The problem starting with some Android version (don’t remember which) , apps can be installed for multiple users on the same device. This means there is a new way to uninstall an […]

Is android bug in load “layout-ldltr” layout against “layout-ldrtl” after orientation changed?

Salam. In my project I have to create both layout-ldltr and layout-ldrtl layouts for Right-To-Left and Left-To-Right languages. I launch application for Right-To-Left language, and every thing is good. But when orientation changed, android load layout-ldltr layout against layout-ldrtl, although current Locale is set to RTL language!!! How can fix this problem?! In AndroidManifest.xml <application […]

Styling the SearchView Widget using support library v21

I’m trying to style the SearchView widget using the new AppCompat v21, but I’m facing some problems. No matter what layout I set on “suggestionRowLayout” attribute, it does nothing at all. The suggestion dropdown list of the SearchView remains the same way. Other problem that I’m having is when the “accent color” is the same […]

Android TV Preferences Standard

When viewing the Android TV preferences and the built in apps such as YouTube, they appear to use a standard layout as shown here: I cannot find any examples of implementing preferences on Android TV and can not find the above layouts referenced in any of the LeanBack etc libraries. Is this a “standard” that […]

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