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Android SD Card Write Permission using SAF (Storage Access Framework)

After a lot of findings about how to write(and rename) a file in SD Card (android 5 and above), I think the new SAF provided by android will be required to take permission from user to write SD card file. I have seen in this File Manger Application ES File Explorer that initially it takes […]

Has anybody else noticed the white screen that a Slide window transition creates when it starts?

I would like to remove this if possible. I am using an activity with a black background, that same activity has a toolbar and a DrawerLayout as well. This white screen makes the look inconsistent. Sadly, there is very little information about this so I haven’t found a solution to it yet. It can become […]

Android: How can I check if a device has Camera2 api features implemented or not?

Well, how can I check if an android device has Camera2 api features implemented or not? There are many new features in camera2 api such as manual controls. So how can I know whether, which Camera2 api features are implemented or not, programmatically?

Cardview with dividers in it

I’ve seen those CardViews (I’m not sure they’re even CardViews) with dividers used in a lot of apps, so I’m guessing there is an easy way to create them. I wanted to ask how is it exactly done? are those even CardViews? I couldn’t find out more about them because I didn’t know the name […]

Using Material theme on L preview

The L Developer Preview is currently on API level 20. However, apparently the themes require API level 21. @android:style/Theme.Material.Light.DarkActionBar requires API level 21 Is this a mistake, am I doing something wrong, or is it just not possible to use Material on the L Preview?

Is it possible to change the style of an Android L TimePickerDialog?

I was testing my app on an Android L emulator, and I noticed that the TimePickerDialog has significantly changed to this: This doesn’t fit with the theme of my app, and I wanted to know if it is possible to get the old TimePickerDialog style when running on Android L.

How to lock/unlock the screen with Pattern/Password mode in Android?

I was successful to lock/unlock my screen using DevicePolicyManager and KeyguardManager in Android L. It worked well when I lock/unlock screen using swipe mode (no security). However, I cannot lock/unlock it when I lock/unlock screen by using Pattern and Password mode (higher security). Is it possible to lock/unlock screen with high security using DevicePolicyManager and […]

Lollipop Progress Bar Tinting

I’m on a Lollipop device (MotoG 2014), I read about progress bar tinting, but this is not working…I get the default progress bar color. What am I missing here? <ProgressBar style=”?android:attr/progressBarStyleLarge” android:layout_width=”50dp” android:layout_height=”50dp” android:backgroundTintMode=”src_in” android:indeterminate=”true” android:indeterminateTint=”#f00″ /> Many thanks.

Fullscreen DialogFragment with translucent StatusBar

I have a DialogFragment which I want to show in fullscreen. I do however still want a StatusBar present, and the hardware buttons at the bottom. I also want to set a background color of the StatusBar (for Lollipop). My problem is that if I set the following flags in the DialogFragment: getWindow().addFlags(WindowManager.LayoutParams.FLAG_DRAWS_SYSTEM_BAR_BACKGROUNDS); getWindow().addFlags(WindowManager.LayoutParams.FLAG_TRANSLUCENT_STATUS); Both […]

Shared element transition with Dialog Activity

I put together a very simple app that uses shared element transitions when starting an activity with Dialog theme (source code on github). I got the following result: As you can see there are 2 problems with the transition/animation: The animation is only visible in the area of the dialog activity so it clips and […]

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