Android: what is the inputType for username

I have an edit text on my xml layout to allow the user to enter his username,like this:


which type of inputType should i use to make the user enter his username, the username contains just letters small letter and capital letter and numbers

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    May I suggest textVisiblePassword|textNoSuggestions it gives you the normal keyboard with the option to display numbers but gets rid of the Android suggestions (they’re pretty useless when typing in a username).


    As pointed out by Hailwood, some users may like the added benefit of the suggestions provided by the Android keyboard. Upon reflection on the matter, perhaps a standard text might be more suited for this situation.

    It’s really a UX matter, you’ll have to make a choice here.

    I would recommend android:inputType="textVisiblePassword|textNoSuggestions" as some IME/Android-Version combinations seem to ignore textNoSuggestions but not textVisiblePassword. If suggestions are left on some IME will auto insert spaces or other punctuation and auto-capitalize text which can screw up logins.

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