Android Tablet IDE for Python and Java

Are there any ARM-based programming environments (IDE) for Android tablets which are not emulated? (preferably Python or Java)

Tablets are becoming a more popular utensil in schools and a stable environment will be useful in a Computer Science program.

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    Not specifically ARM, but here is an IDE for Android tablets that can compile Java/Android apps: Terminal IDE.

    As of now there are only a few good tools available. One is AIDE. It has a great editor with code completion, on-the-fly error checking and supports the full edit-compile-run cycle for Android Apps.

    It works fine on my devices (Transformer Prime and Samsung Galaxy S2).

    Try to use DroidDevelop. This is written special for tablets.

    easyGUI is a little IDE for Android XML Files. You can design your Layout Files on the phone or tablet. Also good for teaching.

    easyGUI Android XML IDE

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