Android TabLayout: distribute evenly

I’m looking at the Google class that was used in the Google IO called SlidingTabLayout. Inside that class, there is a method called setDistributeEvenly which allows all those tabs to have an even distribution on the screen – every tab has the same size: Align-Center SlidingTabLayout

I’m trying to do the same with the official tabLayout class:

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  • But there doesn’t seem to be a method available to make all the tabs evenly distributed.

    Am I missing something and is there a method within the class which will let me do this?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Android TabLayout: distribute evenly”

    I read this tutorial to get my answer:

    You are suppose to set the tabLayout gravity:


    And do not set your tabLayout to scrollable (app:tabMode="scrollable") otherwise the gravity fill will not work.

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