Android SQLite rawquery parameters

How can i pass intger to a rawquery in sqlite for android.
Here its not taking g and s into query. Please guide.

    int g, s;

    Cursor cur3 = database2.rawQuery("select max(UnixTimeStamp) from Quote where EmoticonID=%d and SubCategoryID=%d" ,new String [] {g,s});

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  • 3 Solutions collect form web for “Android SQLite rawquery parameters”

    All parameter places should be designated with ?. The parameters to the query are always string nontheless, so nothing special about the integers. This should work for you:

    Cursor cur3 = database2.rawQuery("select max(UnixTimeStamp) from Quote where EmoticonID=? and SubCategoryID=?" ,new String [] {String.valueOf(g),String.valueOf(s)});

    Parameter in your query needs to be string so please convert these parameters into string and write your query as follows.

    Use String.valueOf();

    Cursor c = db.rawQuery(SELECT max(UnixTimeStamp) 
                           FROM Quote 
                           WHERE EmoticonID ='"+d+"' AND SubCategoryID ='"+ s +"'");


    Cursor cur3 = database2.rawQuery("select max(UnixTimeStamp) from Quote where EmoticonID="
                                     + g + " and SubCategoryID = " + s + " ");
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