Android SQLite rawquery parameters

How can i pass intger to a rawquery in sqlite for android.
Here its not taking g and s into query. Please guide.

    int g, s;

    Cursor cur3 = database2.rawQuery("select max(UnixTimeStamp) from Quote where EmoticonID=%d and SubCategoryID=%d" ,new String [] {g,s});

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    All parameter places should be designated with ?. The parameters to the query are always string nontheless, so nothing special about the integers. This should work for you:

    Cursor cur3 = database2.rawQuery("select max(UnixTimeStamp) from Quote where EmoticonID=? and SubCategoryID=?" ,new String [] {String.valueOf(g),String.valueOf(s)});

    Parameter in your query needs to be string so please convert these parameters into string and write your query as follows.

    Use String.valueOf();

    Cursor c = db.rawQuery(SELECT max(UnixTimeStamp) 
                           FROM Quote 
                           WHERE EmoticonID ='"+d+"' AND SubCategoryID ='"+ s +"'");


    Cursor cur3 = database2.rawQuery("select max(UnixTimeStamp) from Quote where EmoticonID="
                                     + g + " and SubCategoryID = " + s + " ");
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