Android SDK download with Eclipse, getting error message: Failed to create directory C:/

Why does this happen? It doesn’t matter which package I pick, always the same error message:

Downloading Android SDK Platform-tools, revision 3
Failed to create directory C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\temp

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    Make sure you have writing permissions for that folder. Try starting Eclipse or the SDK Manager as Administrator.

    You only have to run SDK Manager as Administrator, right click and select Run as Administrator.

    If you put the Android SDK (or anything else) in Program Files, Windows will, by default, require Admin access to edit files in it. But you can change that by changing the folder permissions:

    In Windows, right click on the android SDK folder, click Properties. Go to the Security tab, click Edit to change the permissions. Select normal Users and check the box to Allow Full control.

    Then, applications that you launch as a normal user will be able to edit the SDK, such as to update it or compile libraries in it.

    Please whether the directory C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\temp is already there. If there you see the temp folder then delete the temp folder and try again. It will be installed then.

    You can also try installing Android outside of Program Files. I usually put it in C:\Android, then there are no permission issues.

    Actually the folder /temp didn’t exist for me, so I just created it and then all was fine.

    Yes, after that you need to run android SDK as administrator to download the API/platforms.

    If anything looks strange (like a list of incomplete names) no worry, close it, and reopen it after 10sec.

    Run SDK Manager as Administrator, right click and select run as Administrator. It’s one of the amazing things of W7, ;p

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