Android – Reducing Glare on Camera (Photo/Video)

I am attempting to Reduce the glare produced when taking a photo or video of a Reflecting surface; Window, Glasses or another Mobile Device.

I have done some research on the subject, and it seems that some algorithms exist. But I am yet to find a coded implementation.

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  • The reason I need this is because I am making an Application that allows you to read different colours on another devices screen using the camera on your device.
    And if there is a lot of glare, the colours wont read properly. It needs to be able to distinguish between 16 Colors.

    Are there any existing implementations, and if so how would I implement them into Android?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Android – Reducing Glare on Camera (Photo/Video)”

    I recommend doing a threshold on top of a gaussian blur to identify bright spots in your image and removing them. OpenCV is the industry standard and your best bet for image manipulation. I recommend doing some experiments on a computer first to get your process flow right first, before moving it onto a phone. Also, stay away from anything too novel/complicated.

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