android prevent EditText from requesting focus automatically

I have a quite simple Layout with an EditText and a button. The problem is the keyboard appears immediately after the activity is started and the EditText gets the focus. I removed the </requestFocus> from XML and I also don’t do that in code. How can I prevent that behavior of EditText so the keyboard only appears after the used taps the editText?

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    in your manifiest.xml write the below code in your activity


    In your manifest.xml file, under the activity tag, place this:


    try this

    In your AndroidManifest.xml file write these lines

            android:windowSoftInputMode="stateHidden" />

    i just added details..

    From my POV a more elegant solution is:

    1. In XML add these lines to the main layout:

    2. And In Java in onCreate():

        LinearLayout mainLayout = (LinearLayout) findViewById(;
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