file – including all source files in different folders and subfolders

In writing an android .mk file, is there a short way to include many source files which are in different folders and subfolders? Like a loop or a code for iterating the folders? For example:


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  • |—subfolder1.1

                   |---some cpp files
               |--some cpp files



               |--some cpp files

    |–(so on and so forth, another folders and subfolders and cpp

    I know I can use include $(call all-subdir-makefiles) for folders and subfolders but it will take too much time if I have so many folders, is there a better way? Like a loop for iterating through the folders? So I will have just one library for folder1 and another for folder2 and so on…

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “ file – including all source files in different folders and subfolders”

    FILE_LIST := $(wildcard $(LOCAL_PATH)/*.cpp)
    FILE_LIST += $(wildcard $(LOCAL_PATH)/**/*.cpp)
    FILE_LIST += $(wildcard $(LOCAL_PATH)/**/**/*.cpp)

    You can use ** wildcard to include files from all subdirectories:

    LOCAL_SRC_FILES += $(patsubst $(LOCAL_PATH)/%, %, $(wildcard folder/**/*.cpp))
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