Android material chips

I want to implement an autocomplete edittext with chips in my application and I want to do it in a way that it’s done here: material design chips.
First I would like to ask if there is some kind of widget (maybe as part of the new support library) or a solution that I can use for easy implementation. (I know that this question has been asked before but I just want to know if something changed in the meantime).
Also I found this library, but I don’t know how can I use it (and can I use it) for autocompletion of my sets of data… Has anyone worked with this library before and can share their experience?

Any help would be appreciated!

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  • 3 Solutions collect form web for “Android material chips”

    I actually ended up using this library. The autocomplete view and chips that this library provides are not “materially” styled, but you can do it yourself with no great effort. After great research I realized that this library gives you the most easy way of implementing your own sets of data into the logic. All the other libraries were customized for using Android contact or emails, and it was not so trivial to change the code and query your own sets of data. So if someone wants to implement chips, but with custom data querying I’d say this is the right way to go.

    Check out this library! I think it may suit your needs.

    there is also a new library for material chips!

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