Android M weird shared preferences issue

On my Nexus 5 running Android M Developer Preview 2, when uninstalling/reinstalling an app, the device is retrieving shared preferences I stored long ago, for instance a boolean isFirstLaunch.

The only way to clear these is to do it manually from the device settings.

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  • Is there any change in shared preferences behavior on Android M? I can’t find any documentation regarding this.

    Or maybe the Android M Preview 2 ROM has a bug…

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Android M weird shared preferences issue”

    That is because Android M will feature Automatic Backups (old link).


    The automatic backup feature preserves the data your app creates on a
    user device by uploading it to the user’s Google Drive account and
    encrypting it. There is no charge to you or the user for data storage
    and the saved data does not count towards the user’s personal Drive
    quota. During the M Preview period, users can store up to 25MB per
    Android app.

    Open settings -> Backup & reset -> automatic restore -> off
    if is on then app cache and database will be restore.

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