android jackson json object mapper array deserialization

i need help parsing a response with the jackson mapper to a POJO. i have this as a response:

 "data": [{
        "item": {
            "downloaded": false,
            "moderated": false,
            "add": false
        "item": {
            "downloaded": false,
            "moderated": false,
            "add": false }
// more

so how do i bind this one with the mapper to a POJO?
here is my class that i am trying but it returns that “item” is not recognized and not allowed to be ignored.

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  • public ArrayList<Item> data =  new ArrayList<Item>();

    where item is a public static class Item with constructors and all the fields above with getters and setters.

    how do i do this. i cant seem to find anywhere how to read data from an array this way.

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    Your example is missing couple of pieces (esp. definition of Item), to know if your structure is compatible; but in general JSON and Object structures need to match. So, you would at least need something like:

    public class DataWrapper {
      public List<Item> data; // or if you prefer, setters+getters

    and if so, you would bind with:

    DataWrapper wrapper = mapper.readValue(json, DataWrapper.class);

    and access data as

    List<Item> items =;
    JsonNode jsonNode = mapper.readValue(s, JsonNode.class); 
    JsonNode userCards = jsonNode.path("data");
    List<Item> list = mapper.readValue(userCards.toString(), new TypeReference<List<Item>>(){});

    Here’s my variant of maziar’s code.

    List<Item> list = mapper.readValue( s, new TypeReference<List<Item>>(){} );

    It just eliminates the converting first to a JsonNode and converts instead directly to a List; still works fine, outputting a list of Items.

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