Android in app billing v3 response not including orderId

I have spent almost two days working on in-app billing for Android. Everything works fine but at the end I am not getting orderId in the JSON response and this is freaking my mind out. I don’t know what I am missing. Any help is appreciated. This is the JSON response I get in purchaseFinishListener:

jsonPurchaseInfo: {"packageName":"","productId":"monthly","purchaseTime":1429697010648,"purchaseState":0,"purchaseToken":"adbidjaciiidgknlglflebfb.AO-J1OxdrgGs2kFS-xf6Qo7j3eKabw4-Rto9xli4XqpPua_WtJVLNJSIpd3Oxwq7s_Uja4bVywEFf-iUP1g1dByizN984WHYi12ekQZ8T7X6oiitr5uiX2c","autoRenewing":true}

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Android in app billing v3 response not including orderId”

    You’re probably using your Google account as tester – check it in Google Play dashboard.

    Make sure on the device you are testing there is only one Google account which is not a tester (I created a new account).
    It works for me.

    • To test that this step is working try buying a consumable product you should see a Google dialog with a message saying this is a test purchase (or text similar).
      Once you delete the test account and log in with new one it should work.
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