Android: Horizontal list view in vertical scroll view?

I want to make the same implementation a pulse application.

Horizontal list view inside a vertical list view.

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    i tried this project for horizontal list view, but when i am trying to scroll horizontal the vertical scroll active and the list is goes up and down.
    how can i prevent this issues.

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    It would be much easier if you paste your piece of code with your question, allowing to see why it goes wrong. My best guess without this information is to check you usage of fill_parent vs wrap_content.

    it’s work on my app…

    just like pulse app… horizontallistview inside vertical listview

    this is the solution…

    just put this code in u’r onscroll of HorizontalListview class…

    ViewParent viewParent = getParent();
    if (viewParent != null) {

    i think you should use some horizontal scrollviews in a vertical scrollview. and in each horizontal scrollview, you can give listview, gridview, etc… if you want. I think it’s better solution for this problem. 🙂

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