Android Emulator is not starting in Ubuntu

I have Ubuntu 11.04 and i downloaded latest eclipse ADT bundle, i also have installed all ia32libs, i dont know why the emulator is not starting, i have tried various device configurations, i have 4 platforms 2.2, 2.3 , 4.0 ,4.2. i have tried various permutation and combination, but virtual device does not show up-none of them.

I have also tried various solutions in other SO’questions, they do not solve my problem. i have been stuck in these for weeks, still i have reached no where?Please Help

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  • FYI: I also have eclipse Helios, in that it works fine but, i cannot get/download platform above 3.0/Honeycomb in that, and in the Helios the virtual devices work fine. i dont know whether its relevant or not, but still..

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  • 6 Solutions collect form web for “Android Emulator is not starting in Ubuntu”

    Run your emulator in Command Line Parameters

    To start an instance of the emulator from the command line, navigate to the tools/ folder of the SDK. Enter emulator command like this:

    emulator -avd <avd_name>

    more about emulator link here:

    On Ubuntu 14.04 64bit with a NVidia graphics card I had to do the following:

    1. Install the SDK and ADT plugin for Eclipse
    2. Install 32-bit libraries sudo apt-get install lib32stdc++6 lib32z1
    3. Install OpenGL libraries sudo apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dev
    4. Install proprietary drivers for the graphics card: System Settings > Software & Updates > Additional Drivers NVIDIA binary driver version 331.38
    5. From Eclipse, run the Android Virtual Device Manager and edit a device. Enable “Use Host GPU” & save.

    It then worked.

    Ubuntu Android Emulator Problem [Solved]

    The issue with android emulator is not the hardware drivers. It is OpenGL drivers. To solve it please go through these steps:

    1. Open synaptic package manager (If not please install it from Ubuntu software center)
    2. In Quick filter type “opengl” and press search.
    3. Select the following packages:
      libqt4-opengl [Update/Upgrade]

    4. Selection procedure
      Right click on the package and select as ‘Mark for Installation”.

    5. And click ‘Apply’.

    on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64-Bit (installed the 32-bit libraries),
    My Case was :

    1- downloaded and installed the SDK properly

    2- download ADT plug in to Eclipse and restart it

    3- set the SDK directory properly

    4- create an Android project, and click RUN AS > Android application

    5- asked me for an Emulator, so i created one from the AVD (after some steps from the Run Configurations)

    6- then i Right-Click that application again, RUN AS > Android Application

    7- a message appears > ERROR : Couldn’s start Emulator … install SDK properly (something like that)

    8- Restart Eclipse … every thing is fine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You need to change the following option:
    Edit your avd and change the “emulated performance” option to “software”.

    It will work.

    I am using Bumblebee to disable my nvidia card…

    It seems like Android Studio does not like that.

    optirun /opt/android-studio/bin/

    And then open AVD Manager in Android Studio made it work.

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