Android dependencies : apklib vs aar files

From my understanding, apklib contains code + resource shared with Maven .
aar files are distributed by Gradle.

The aar differ from apklib in one major way : classes are compiled and included in a classes.jar in the root of the aar. Whereas apklib cannot contain compiled class files or jars.

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  • 1 Can somebody explain the main differences between apklib vs aar files ?

    2 Can Maven use aar ? Can Gradle use apklib ?

    3 Which format is “better” ?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Android dependencies : apklib vs aar files”

    1 Can somebody explain the main differences between apklib vs aar
    files ?

    Couple differences that comes to my mind, in addition to the one you said:

    1. aar can contain no source code and a java jar inside the libs folder in case you don’t want to provide the source code (like Google Play Services does);
    2. aar can contain custom proguard file and custom lint rules, although I’m not sure they are take into account at the moment.

    2 Can Maven use aar ? Can Gradle use apklib ?

    The Android Maven Plugin supports aar since version 3.7.0.
    Gradle doesn’t support using apklib dependencies but you could export your android-library as apklib (see this post).

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