android deleting a file from internal storage

I have created a file stored on internal storage from an activity. How can I delete this file from another activity?

I’m thinking I’ll have to get the file’s directory (which I’m not sure how to) and delete it. I tried using

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  • context.deleteFile(); 

    but it won’t work because I’m trying to call it from a non-static method.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Here is your answer :

    File dir = getFilesDir();
    File file = new File(dir, "my_filename");
    boolean deleted = file.delete();

    You can try getting the instance pointing to the file and deleting it like in
    this answer
    or this one

    For non-rooted mobile context.deleteFile();-like instructions work well for current application.

    File dir = getFilesDir();
    File file = new File(dir, "my_filename");
    boolean deleted = file.delete(); 

    work well for rooted mobiles.

    Please help if anyone has code that will delete files from non-rooted phones.

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