Android: Color To Int conversion

This might be a stupid question but I’m surprised that Paint class has no setColor(Color c) method. I want to do the following:

public void setColor(Color color) {
/* ... */
Paint p = new Paint();
p.setColor(color); // set color takes only int as a paramter :(
/* ... */

So any easy way to convert Color to int?

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    Any color parse into int simplest two way here:

    1) Get System Color

    int redColorValue = Color.RED;

    2) Any Color Hex Code as a String Argument

    int greenColorValue = Color.parseColor("#00ff00")

    MUST REMEMBER in above code Color class must be!

    All the methods and variables in Color are static. You can not instantiate a Color object.

    Official Color Docs

    The Color class defines methods for creating and converting color ints.

    Colors are represented as packed ints, made up of 4 bytes: alpha, red, green, blue.

    The values are unpremultiplied, meaning any transparency is stored solely in the alpha component, and not in the color components.

    The components are stored as follows (alpha << 24) | (red << 16) | (green << 8) | blue.

    Each component ranges between 0..255 with 0 meaning no contribution for that component, and 255 meaning 100% contribution.

    Thus opaque-black would be 0xFF000000 (100% opaque but no contributions from red, green, or blue), and opaque-white would be 0xFFFFFFFF or some color are obviously integers. It needs a RGB value. You can give your own like #FF123454 which represents various primary colors

    i think it should be

    also take a look at Converting android color string in runtime into int

    Paint DOES have set color function.

     * Set the paint's color. Note that the color is an int containing alpha
     * as well as r,g,b. This 32bit value is not premultiplied, meaning that
     * its alpha can be any value, regardless of the values of r,g,b.
     * See the Color class for more details.
     * @param color The new color (including alpha) to set in the paint.
    public native void setColor(@ColorInt int color);

    As an Android developer, I set paint color like this…


    I define the color value on color.xml something like…

    <color name="xxx">#008fd2</color>

    By the way if you want to the hex RGB value of specific color value, then you can check website like this:

    I hope this helps ! Enjoy coding!

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