Android API Demos – ICS – RotatingButton

I am newbie to android development and currently I am studying the 3D animation by going through the file RotatingButton in ApiDemos project API Level 14. In this demo A button is animating by different animation which is default in Button control from ICS level.

Here is the link.

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  • i can do animation like Translation, Scaling and 2D Rotation below ICS level but i don’t know how to give 3D Rotation animation which is given in the following link demo.

    i even tried 3D ActivitySwitcher Demo but not getting how to assign this animation to contorls.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Android API Demos – ICS – RotatingButton”

    I think Rotatory wheel in android which give you perfect idea about to create this type of widget. Its also helpful for me. Also check for This Example.

    Also check this one.

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