ADT Installation error

Im having a problem during I install ADT in eclipse Helios in Windows XP.. after I put this in Repository, it says Duplicate Location and I can’t click for the next step..Thanks in Advance

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    Start development for Android in Eclipse

    Now we must install ADT Plugin. For
    that we must launch Eclipse ( go to
    C:\Android\Eclipse and double click on
    eclipse.exe ) waiting for eclipse to
    be loaded. After eclipse is loaded
    successful we are going to Help
    ->Install New Software and there in the field work with we select this
    and press Enter button. Then, in
    appeared tree Developer Tools we
    select all subtrees and press Finish
    button. After all plugins will be
    installed Eclipse will suggest you to
    restart it. Press Restart Now. After
    restart we will have Eclipse with
    installed ADT Plugin.

    Yesterday I try in this way and all goes right, I install eclipse at home and run application on it. May be you can check it.

    I got the same error message: “Duplicate location”. Strange because the location is not in my list of sites.

    I got rid of it downloading using http instead of https, though I understand this is just a workaround.

    try software update
    and in box mention mobile and device development
    there u see adt install it

    i do this and it is successful
    first open help > install new software > write in he field of work with this url

    this will succeed i try it

    Did you have a connection timeout originally?

    I had this as I was using a weak connection. I got a ‘good’ connection and the same error appeared. Try removing the ‘s’ from https and it will try to install to a new location.

    Worked for me

    Under linux, I have successfully added this repository by removing the files from eclipse folder. Of course make a backup before removing any files.


    But before that I had same error. I was trying to add the repository to install plugin but instead i was receiving the error “Duplicate location” even if that record was not displayed in “Available software sites” window.

    Careful. This will delete other update/install software locations. You could eventually search and replace existing links from files above. But I did it my way, faster ( i don’t need other software repository locations)

    Go to Help ->Install New Software and then click in “Available software sites”, a list of sites and folders will appear to you, so look for the one you want to remove (, click at that, then click to remove. I did so and worked 🙂
    Sorry by the bad English.

    Help ->Install New Software then check for “What is already installed”.
    Uninstall those things and then restart your eclipse. And then follow the same procedure you
    are currently following.

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