Logging on device to file

How to redirect logging on device to file? My application is hang on device but works great on emulator – I want to see logging on my device without sdk and its tools.

Why AudioManager.isStreamMuted isn't available?

I’m using android AudioManager to mute and unmute streams like STREAM_SYSTEM and STREAM_NOTIFICATION, muting is straightforward calling setStreamMute but I’m unable to find an isStreamMuted method. Looking inside source code I can see it exists so the question is ‘how can check if a stream is muted? I’m working on Android 4.0.4

Using Paint.setStrokeJoin() and Paint.setStrokeMiter()

I’m curious about what these methods do and how to use them as there doesnt seem to be any details beyond the single sentence descriptions in the Javadocs: setStrokeJoin setStrokeMiter Anybody have some example code or a good description?

Changing color according to seek bar value

I am trying to change color according to value of seek bar. I’d like colors to appear in wide range. Here is what I tried, but it doesn’t give me colors I want: seekBarColor.setOnSeekBarChangeListener( new OnSeekBarChangeListener() { int progress = 0; @Override public void onProgressChanged(SeekBar seekBar, int progresValue, boolean fromUser) { progress = progresValue; int […]

android ffmpeg .so download

Anybody knows from where to get compiled .so FFMPEG library for Android? I tried thousand of times to compile the FFMPEG manually on windows-7 using Android NDK but never succeeded. So I think it’s better to use precompiled lib as I’m already using the same same technolgy that used in: https://github.com/guardianproject/SSCVideoProto But the ffmpeg lib […]

Can I get the default hint color of an EditText?

Is there a way to get the hint color from an EditText? I need the color to set it as the text color of the EditText too

IPC in Android using GreenRobot eventbus

I need to communicate with a remote service, using (greenrobot) EventBus. Unfortunately, it does not seem to work with IPC. Looking at the code, I don’t see a workaround either. Any help would be appreciated ! Bonus question – are there any other EventBuses (for Android) which support IPC ?

Android Studio Mac version v.0.3.2 is damaged

I have been trying to install Android Studio 0.3.2 but every time I end up with this error message: Android Studio.app is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the trash Can I download older version from somewhere, seems the app uploaded isn’t working properly.

RealmObject AND Parcelable

I’m new to Realm for Android so I’m not sure I’m approaching this the right way. I have a class which looks like this: public class Entry extends RealmObject implements Parcelable { … } The problem is the Parcelable interface contains methods like describeContents() writeToParcel() and RealmObjects aren’t supposed to have methods other than getters […]

ZXing Barcode Reader: How to make custom border around capture screen?

I want to put custom border around zxing capture screen (camera screen). What modification would I need to make for this? Which activity and layouts would I need to change to have this effect?

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